Racial Tension In Czech Republic As Neo-Nazis Riot

It was the 19th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution which freed people from control of the communists and it should have been a day in which people gathered to celebrate the joys of freedom. However, 600 right wing extremists confronted 1,000 police in the town of Litvinov where they had come to protest what they termed the inability of local authorities to handle its Roma population. The black-clad bullies and thugs who apparently desired to emulate their Nazi heroes, clashed with the police in their attempt to break through a barrier which separated them from the Roma population of the city. By the end of the day, seven police officers and seven of demonstrators were injured.

If not for the police there would have been serious injuries on both sides since the Romas were determined to fight back. The sad aspect of the story is the continued inability of a democratic society to recognize they can not establish democracy as long as some members of the community are treated like second class citizens.