Racism in China

One of the ongoing myths in the area of multiculturalism is the supposed entity named “people of color” or whatever this expression means. One can assume in means people who have darker skin colors somehow share similar experiences. Africans who have gone to China have encountered the exact opposite situation. They are harassed and persecuted in ways that would not be tolerated in most “white” societies. Many African visitors in China told reporter, Willem Offenberg, “they come like a thief in the night, bang on the door of your hotel room and ask for your identify card. Whoever cannot identify themselves in taken away.” Almost every African living in China with whom he spoke emphasized “we don’t have any rights here, we are treated like dirt.” Actually, from the mid eighties when African students could still study for free in China, there were constant reports about them being harassed and insulted by the average Chinese person.

Mr. Offrenberg discovered many bars and hotels will not accept African customers and it is not uncommon for police raids to hit African areas on the assumption they are into drugs and crime. A receptionist responded to his inquiry as to whether she could ever marry an African with, “have you gone mad? .. with Europeans, that’s a different story.”

It is time to cease using expressions such as “people of color” because they have no meaning in the modern world.