Racism In Norway Where There Are Few Black Faces

The state church of Norway has found itself embroiled in a conflict over the presence of one of their ministers in the town of Oppdal which is in the mountains. The local church leader has come under sharp criticism after he prevented a pastor, who originally comes from Sierra Leone, from participating in several funerals because relatives did not want a black skin pastor having anything to do with the final send off of their dead relative. Pastor Joseph Moiba has been told by local residents, that people like himself, “don’t fit in Norway” and the pastor has been physically and verbally abused. Nils-Tore Andersen, leader of the state church council, Kirkeradet, is shocked because in his view, the church should be a leader in the fight against racism.

Andersen’s reaction to family complaints concerning a black skinned man participating in funerals was “we try to meet the wishes of families in a funeral, but there’s a limit.” Andersen was upset the local pastor acceded to requests of families and barred Moiba from participating in several funerals.

Moiba is on a sick leave due to stress caused by the incidents and he fears they will resume when he returns to duty. One can only wonder how such intensity of feeling can emerge from people who have so little contact with Africans.

  • lena
  • stewart

    what is going on in europe is called etnic cleasing.

    these F****** feminists done this , and those useless white homos who back them also are responsible.

    lesson learn for history . is NEVER GIVE ANY POWER TO WOMANS.

    any racional mens know that. u cant trust them.

    god bless norway, cos these racists black are determined to ruin the all Europe.

  • lena
  • Romanian

    Ok, enough with this crap. I’ll keep this brief:
    -Just because you speak Norwegian and you’re intelligent but you’re not white, that doesn’t make you Norwegian, ever….
    -Racism is natural, it’s in our genes. A lot of problems would be solved if we just stopped mixing the races.
    -Globalization is dying, there aren’t enough resources to keep it going. So all the do-gooders who think that one day we are all going to love each other and race won’t matter are just naive idiots. High European unemployment = immigrants have to go. That simple…

    Now, I’m not much of a racist but, realistically, that’s the writing on the wall. I don’t feel comfortable around the other races and I’m not surprised they don’t feel comfortable among whites either. That’s just human nature. And you can’t fight that. Racism is as fundamental as any other instinct.

    And last but not least, I have a question for the bringer of the light FRED STOPSKY: when you presented that Jew to people ,,who never saw a Jew before” did you also present them with a Palestinian and explained to everyone how the Jews want the Palestinians exterminated? To be impartial. Sure you did…
    You, sir, are a brainwashed average Joe who who shouldn’t teach anyone anything.


    Get your homework done before you open your mouth.

    ,,During the Congo Civil War (1998–2003), Pygmies were hunted down like game animals and eaten. Both sides of the war regarded them as “subhuman” and some say their flesh can confer magical powers.”

    Gee, are blacks RACIST? Can’t we just love each other? Uhh, no….
    And as the global economy further deteriorates, you’ll hear the word ,,racism” more often. It is the order of things…

  • No few black faces?

    Well, there is not that few. now it is about 11% of foreign people in Norway.
    For 30 years ago it was about 50,000 immigrants in Norway, now it is 500,000 immigrants. This is a huge step for Norway with a population barely 5 million. Norway have been very open to immigrants, i dont like your titel pretty well.

  • Mr.Viking

    @Romanian if you come here, i’d probably treat you like dirt, since majority of romanians AREN’T white. And racism is NOT natural, it is learnt behavior. Don’t bring your 3rd world eastern european mentality into the argument. That is why the whole eastern european countries are backwards and it’s still in the shitters. Majority of norwegians aren’t racists and we are against immigrants only who are lazy and commit crimes. And they no not take all jobs from norwegians, more often norwegians favors norwegians over immigrants, it is well known fact.

    And judging by your writing style, you’re probably romanian immigrant who are living in america.

  • Romanian

    @Mr.Viking your post is full of contradictions. You say you are not racist but you acknowledge that you would treat me like dirt if I came to your country. Where is the logic in that?
    Secondly, all romanians are white except for gypsies (which make up about 2,5% of the population). Where do you get your information?
    ,,And racism is NOT natural, it is learnt behavior.” – Given that racism occurs in every society no matter the level of education, living standard, duration of co-existence, etc. I’d say it’s pretty natural. Skin colour if the first major difference you notice when meeting someone. You don’t have to be taught that.
    ,,Don’t bring your 3rd world eastern european mentality into the argument.” – What mentality is that? I supported all my arguments.
    ,,more often norwegians favors norwegians over immigrants, it is well known fact. ” – and it’s the way it should be, no complaint there.

    And last but not least, I’m not an immigrant at all, I live in Romania.
    In spite of the tone you used I look forward to your answer. Cheers!

  • just passing by

    #157, the other guy basically gave you taste of your own medicine, you obviously didn’t get the message. Racist behavior is pass down from parents to children. No one in this world are being born racist, let’s make that clear. If you want to be technical, let’s get down and dirty – Compare to scandinavians, nordics and anglos, romanians are darker, have different features. I’ve came accross many of eastern europeans, and i can tell them apart right away. You all have that that ugly slavic looks. So according to your twisted logic, you will NOT be considered white by my standard, so you will be treated like immigrant, if you ever come to norway. So how do you like that, you nazi wannabe?

    Scandinavian contries are the most civilized and tolerant, also people are great. That’s why so many people want to seek better lives here. Does any sane people on earth want to immigrate to romania? You people are still living in hut houses and licking garbage cans. And why are you so passionate about this subject? You’re not even a member of my race. Go take care of your own country first before open up your mouth.

  • just passing by

    #153 stop posting same article over and over. the article clearly stated that only 19% of immigrants experienced racism while 81% of people are satisfied. How owuld you like to be living in romania for a change? Don’t they just sound wonderful?

  • Romanian

    @just passing by You’re one big baby. None of you gave me a taste of my own medicine because I never put the matter like that. I just gave an opinion and supported it with FACTS. You and Mr.Viking just threw cheap insults at me. And I thought you Norwegians are educated…
    As for me, I could pass as a Scandinavian any time. I don’t have Slavic features because, surprise, Romanians are not Slavic, we are Latin. And we are in Central, not East Europe. The Nazis didn’t seem to mind the color of our skin when they married a lot of Romanian women. I am more white than you my boy.
    Besides, what race exactly are you anyway, with all the non-white blood in your country? You’re now as white as the US.
    You know what Norwegians’ problem is? You lived the good life for far too long. You live in a dream world, where everyone is equal. Immigrants will behave as long as they are a minority but wait until they grow in numbers.
    Danes are far more realistic than you. They actually have to work for money because they don’t sit on oil. And they have had enough with immigrants. Thank God for the Danish People’s Party. They have common sense…
    ,,Don’t they just sound wonderful?” You mean Romanians? So you’re judging my people after me? That’s awful racist of you.
    That wikipedia link I posted above proves that racism is universal among humans.
    ,,No one in this world are being born racist”
    Can you support that with facts? No one taught me to be racist, I just feel it.
    Look people, I openly admit being a racist and I support it with arguments. Can anyone contradict me with an intelligent argument and not just cheap insults or propaganda?
    Can any idealist prove to me that racism will just disappear? How? Will Jesus be reborn and make the world the Kingdom of Heaven or what?
    Wake up Norwegians, your culture is being destroyed and you just allow yourselves to be assimilated.
    Norway=white? Not for long…

  • just passing by

    You’re a typical eastern block mental midget. So you think you’re whiter than anybody else because your grandma was raped by nazis? Your hero hitler was also half jew, allied himself with japanese, admired the japanese and considered them the arians of the east, and germans inter married slavics in ww2? Your arguments are filled with non sense bullshit doesn’t hold any water. You clearly have never been to my country, you clearly have anything to say about the topic. All you do is keep blabbing about how “white” you are. No one is denying that slavics aren’t white, it is just that you people in the end of spectrum, are on bottom of the barrel. No one askd your opinions on norwegians. I wouldn’t even hire you to clean my toilet, and i certainly won’t let some peasant from 10th rate country critiquing norway, telling us how to live our lives. Are we spoiled? Yes, we are and i am proud of it. Norway/sweden has the highest living standards on earth. Everyone envy us. So come back and critique us when you have your shitty economy in order, come back when your country is up to standard as first nation. But i guess that won’t happen in your life time. All i see is ugly romanian gymnastic fembots trying to win a gold medal so that she can get the fuck out of that cesspool called romania.

  • Romanian

    @just passing by Haha, that’s the spirit boy! Bring up the racism! So much for tolerance and understanding. I knew you had it in you…
    Ok, it’s clear that you can’t carry a civilized conversation with anyone without resorting to cheap insults. Feeling civilized aren’t we?
    At least I brought arguments to the discussion but you brought nothing but cheap insults towards my people. Again, if you’re not racist why are you judging my people after me?
    Is that all you can do? As an anti-racist, you should try to be better than me, but instead you just take this to a lower level. And while I am objective about this you are just a romantic fanatic. You’re pathetic…
    Norway is starting to look like a Zoo. Good luck with that, ,,white boy”.

  • Romanian’s 2 inch cock

    I just gave an opinion and supported it with FACTS <<<<< Which facts? Talking out of your romanian ass?

    You and Mr.Viking just threw cheap insults at me. And I thought you Norwegians are educated… <<<< Does telling you the FACTS about your country is cheap insult to you? You're the one who got insulted since everything they stated about romanians and it's country IS true.

    I am more white than you my boy. <<<<< Maybe in cold day in hell! A delusional romanian thinks he can pass off as NORDIC? That is like darky, hispanic with bleached blonde hair trying to pass off as scandinavian. Funny shit.

    Besides, what race exactly are you anyway, with all the non-white blood in your country? You’re now as white as the US. <<<< Hey fucktard, Norway/sweden/denmark is STILL majority white. And you little inferior rats thinks america isn't white? How about this, instead of pulling shome bulshit info from wikipedia (which ANYBODY can edit, say anything about anything) how about you go to your local library (if hey even have one in romania) read history books? 1.3 MILLION swedes immigrated to the U.S from late 1800's to early 1900's. And majority of immigrants were from germany, england, irland & various other european countries. Everytime i see romanians on TV all i see is brown hispanic looking talking italian sounding gibberish.

    Can you support that with facts? No one taught me to be racist, I just feel it. <<<<< So did you read mein kampf in your mother's wob?

    Look people, I openly admit being a racist and I support it with arguments. <<<<< Like other poster said, nazis allied with themselves with non-aryans (japanese) do you also support that idea, dummy? Your argument has no logic whatsoever. Being anti-immigrant doesn't make you a racist, you're just another internet troll. And don't worry, i don't think there is a single person here on earth would dare even think about moving to romania. I'm sorry, i can't live off eating stale bread crums, digging ditches for two dollars a day.

    Can anyone contradict me with an intelligent argument and not just cheap insults or propaganda? <<<<< The other two already did. What more "arguments" do you need?

    1) Isn't romania 10th rate country? YES
    2)Romanians ARE closer to slavic? YES
    3)How many immigrants are in romania? NONE
    4)Is norway a rich, all-white nation? YES
    5)Are are romanians still living in hut houses and licking garbage cans (LOL this was a GREAT answer) YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS

    Can any idealist prove to me that racism will just disappear? How? Will Jesus be reborn and make the world the Kingdom of Heaven or what?<<<<< Be all you want to be, just don't be a uninformed, idiotic racist.

    Bring up the racism! So much for tolerance and understanding. I knew you had it in you <<<< What racism? All he did was throw one right back at you with FACTS about your tiny, defenseless, worthless nation.
    Ok, it’s clear that you can’t carry a civilized conversation with anyone without resorting to cheap insults. Feeling civilized aren’t we? Again, if you’re not racist why are you judging my people after me? <<<< You just couldn't take it anymore of it, could you, little rat?

    Is that all you can do? As an anti-racist, you should try to be better than me, but instead you just take this to a lower level. <<<<< That is all WE can do, put you in your goddman place! LOL

  • Romanian

    @Romanian’s 2 inch cock That wikipedia article is full of references to legitimate news sources. But I didn’t expect you to have checked that…
    Concerning me and my country, you just don’t get the picture, do you? The topic here was about race, not a particular country or individual.
    Ex-Communist countries are indeed shitty, but what does that have to do with anything?
    Despite the sorry state of Romania today, we gave a lot of brilliant people to the world (Henri Coanda, Victor Babes, Aurel Vlaicu,etc). Can you name one famous African researcher, ruler, thinker, anything?
    But again, what does that have to do with anything? Can you follow a line of LOGIC in a discussion?
    And why do you keep throwing the Japanese alliance in my face? Did I say I was a nazi?
    I never said the white race is genetically superior to the others but that’s how history turned up. We conquered the planet, monopolized it’s resources and became superior in time. Given the right opportunity, the black race could have ruled the planet but that’s not how things happened.
    And whether you like it or not this IS a struggle for supremacy between the races. It’s no coincidence that white countries (even Romania) are collectively much more rich than african countries.
    And sorry to disappoint you yet again, but we have very little slavic blood. And most of the ,,facts” that you cited against Romania are incorrect. But I guess I’m the narrow-minded one…
    ,,Romanian’s 2 inch cock” – What does the size of my penis have to do with anything? Is this your level of thinking?
    Judging from the things you wrote above you are much more racist than me… You even differentiate the white race in poor/rich or Nordic/Slavic/Hispanic. You’re the nazi, not me…
    I don’t know why you are so passionate about this but if you’re objective was ,,to put me in my place” all you did was embarrass yourself. And nice language btw, is it representative of Scandinavians?
    If you actually read that wikipedia article (full of legitimate sources) you would have noticed that there’s racism among all races towards all races no matter the living standard. So tell me again, is racism not natural? Prove my wrong! (With real arguments, not insults aimed at my penis please).
    All I have done in these posts is express an objective and critical view of the world. If you don’t agree you can contradict me in a civilized manner.
    But how can you claim to be superior to me when you use such language, spread lies about my people and even attack my mother? How low can you get?
    ,,Be all you want to be, just don’t be a uninformed, idiotic racist.” – from what you’ve expressed already on this site, I can safely concur that you are an uninformed, idiotic racist.

  • Romanian’s retarded left hand

    Despite the sorry state of Romania today, we gave a lot of brilliant people to the world (Henri Coanda, Victor Babes, Aurel Vlaicu,etc) <<<<< Romania always has been, still is, and it always will be a 3rd world garbage dump. Like my friends always said, eastern europeans are niggers of europe

    Can you name one famous African researcher, ruler, thinker, anything? <<<<< NONE, but i'm sure those negros enjoy fucking your cheap women left and right. <<<<< You unoriginal nazi wannabe. You can't you come up with your own words?

    Be all you want to be, just don’t be a uninformed, idiotic racist.” – from what you’ve expressed already on this site, I can safely concur that you are an uninformed, idiotic racist.

  • Romanian

    @Romanian’s retarded left hand
    I’ll keep the conclusion brief: If you are indeed white, you are a disgrace to your race! Have a nice life, loser…

  • Romanian’s ugly slavic nose

    I’ll keep the conclusion brief: If you are indeed white, you are a disgrace to your race! Have a nice life, loser… <<<<< I might be black, white, yellow, green, pink, gray. You? You always going to be a dickless loser from 3rd world cesspool nobody cares about.

  • LOL

    If my last name was end with -CU, i’d probably kill myself of shame!

  • http://Yahoo Shinn

    I am so amazed of how many people WANT to be white. You really have to be comfortable in your own body, be yourself, it’s HAPPINESS.

  • Do DamageAfro

    @Romanian- Romanian chicks are the best I’ve smashed so far. Epic beauty I cant explain in enough words. I don’t care about your racist antics man, I am black, I live in Norway and I haven’t seen any nation that cares about humans like Norway. I love Norway. Well, Norwegians are a bit cold, but I also don’t give a flying fuck. No one has ever openly insulted me here. I love the egalitarianism in this country. Romanian, there’s more to life than hating. Have your favorite beer, some pussy, and get a life, before you die.

  • romania sucks donkey balls

    I’m sure romanians have no problem shitting out more worthless romanians into the globe. It’s the poor and uneducated always have children that they can’t afford.

  • http://wachirabenso@yahoo.com Anonymous

    am kenyan and i believe in freedom of speech/choice. but the ‘preast thing’ was racist and the ‘norwegian guy’ has ignorant and hurtful racist views. globalisation is the future so suck it.

  • Mixed American Girl

    Wow…WOW. All these comments, infused with so much emotion, make me honestly think that perhaps in a few decades’ time many countries will be on the brink of race wars, some of them with religious overtones (Islam).
    After reading the majority of these comments, I can say I never want to visit Norway. That’s not just because it’s a hot-bed for not-so-ignorant Neo-Nazis, but also I wouldn’t want to deal with wigged-out Muslim men beating me up ’cause I don’t want to wear a sheet over my head. It seems most–no, all–predominantly white countries are racist to some degree, and I’m just lucky to live in a state in the US that’s known for its niceness and politeness (you Americans might know where i’m talking about).
    Also, all the opinions remind me of what a curse it is (in my mind) to be a black person, and that if you want to go anywhere you might as well just go because you’re not gonna “catch a break” anywhere. If I ever get the urge to travel it’ll be mostly in the US. After researching racism in different European countries, I can say I wouldn’t feel comfortable outside of London, Paris, and Stockholm.

  • al

    thats because they want to stay white,not turn into a mulatto mud race.i don’t see white people moving to uganda or zimbabwe, they get to keep their culture and bloodline pure ,when blacks mix with whites the kids always come out looking black,we disapear they multiply.this is a threat to my race,so why does fred call them racists,he don’t have to live with em,he probably lives in a gated all white community somewhere,its easy to criticize and call others racists.he never wen’t to a predominantly colored school growing up,thus he has no idea of the hate blacks have for whites,they are nice and friendly until they out number you.so stick your assumptions up your arse fred,if being a racist is someone that wants to preserve their aryan heritage,then i will be the best racist i can be.invite him to live at your house fred,sort of like an exotic pet.i didn’t think so,what’s wrong are you a racist?

  • al

    do damage afro ,you are so full of shite,norway my ass,you would get your teeth kicked in my friend so stay in detroit where you belong.

  • al

    i bet most of the blacks commenting here came to norway compliments of the us armed forces,the biggest nigr seed spreader in the world,go navy,fukn nigr lovers.fuk the armed forces thats all they are good for,dropping off illigitimate black kids with non black families,they think its funny as hell,drown the little fukrs.save yourself the trouble.and if you don’t like my opinion,eat a hot bowl of diks .

  • Do DamageAfro

    @Mixed American Girl- you deserve a good humping gal. I want to cum so much in in your mouth, to the extent you will be shitting cum:)

  • Renee

    Wow, this is all a bit disheartening to read…all blacks aren’t the same any more than all whites are the same but people have a right to decide who is in their company and who presides over the final rites of the family members.

    Wasting breath arguing with people who hate you for nothing more than the color of your skin is also a waste of time. People can think what they want to think and you shouldn’t validate their opinions by lowering yourself to obscene language and empty threats. No one likes to see their country inundated by ‘others,’ particularly when those others are perceived to be resistant to assimilation and a threat to the way of life that exists there. It’s only natural and you can’t fault people for being wary.

    I think a bigger problem than race, however, if religion and a lack of education. I’m a black American and I studied abroad in Denmark while in university. I didn’t have any problems while I was there nor did I have any problems when I visited Norway and Sweden. I could be naive but I think that is due in large part to the fact that I was respectful of the people I encountered, at least attempted to speak the languages in limited interactions (though extremely badly).

    There are ignorant people in every country – I’ve lived and/or visited just about every continent but I’ve found that 90% of the way that you’re treated comes down to the way that you carry yourself and treat others.

    To Al – you’re mistaken, there are tons of whites who live in African nations and more move there every year as the countries experience unprecedented economic growth and continue to develop. Particularly in places like Ghana and Angola where the oil business is booming and the governments are quite stable.

  • Anon89

    Wow, it is sad that all these comments really is disappointing.
    I lived in a multicultural city in the U.S. All my life.
    My parents always taught me that God is the one who chooses our skin color and heritage, we should be proud of who we are no matter what skin color or creed.
    We should never degrade a human being ever, because it make us less humane.
    Maybe you all should start looking into your humane existence, start bringing Peace into this wretched world.
    Our future kids need to see that hate will never bring Peace, and this world right now needs all countries to unite.

  • Norma Jean

    Hi everyone. I`m from Norway. I grew up in the countryside. It just is so that I like women, and that I guess would make me a lesbian. But here, I am just me. I never heard a bad word from anyone. Not untill I went to spend the summers with family in the US. And there I got like; You are`nt a lesbian are you? Cuz we dont like gay people… And neighter did they like mexican people. But here in my cozy country life, I am married to the love of my life, I`ve got neighbours of all nationalities, and life is just sweet.

    Norway from my opinion must be the least racist country one can experience. If people think differently; they dont say. They dont come face to face and tell you. They keep their thoughts and act their best.

    And to you americans; We got free health care, we got it all.

    Come visit!

  • This thread is hilarious.

    @Romania I just want to say that Oprah (OMG is she BLACK??) is the richest woman in the world and could probably buy your cheap ass country a thousand million times. You want to be white SO BAD but not even the darkest skinned people would say a Romanian was white. You all look like Indians – not that there is anything wrong with being Indian!

    /End rant regarding stupid Romanian.

    I think this is the most HILARIOUS thread I have ever been on. Racists make me laugh so much. I have no idea where all their hate comes from but if any nation should be the most racist it should be the blacks and jews because of all the crap they have been through for hundreds of years. Muslims are fighting back now, threatening to blow up the planet. I don’t blame them, at least they are making all the white people shit themselves for once.

    Sure I can understand that certain countries don’t want to be taken over by other nations. White people don’t get worshipped in black countries you know, it’s exactly the same there. Only southest asian countries should be ashamed of themselves for worshipping white people so much, dying their hair and doing eye surgery to make themselves look white, when they just look like aliens afterwards. And I think we all know that if you go to a Muslim country and step out of line they will kill you without hesitation. Same with countries like China and Korea.

    Rascists are to be IGNORED. Don’t feed them with your anger because that’s all they want – to get a rise out of you!

    I’m British and we have a LOT of racism here too. DO NOT BE FOOLED. It’s everywhere, but you can’t stop living your lives because of it.

    I only came here because I was in complete shock that Norway had a black woman singing for them at Eurovision. I had no idea there was a drop of black blood in Norway what so ever. It was quite shocking. I noticed a lot of asians too, singing for European countries I didn’t expect to have many immigrants. BUT I guess where there’s a paper shop there’s an Asian.

    BY THE WAY. Here’s a random fact to leave you all with: By the year 2020 there will be 5 Chinese people to every ONE person on the planet. So if Muslim extremist have not killed us all by then, I think you should be worried more about Chinese immigrants in countries that haven’t ever seen a foreigner in all their years. I look forward to hearing about that in years to come.


  • Just passing by (REAL norwegian)

    @This thread is hilarious You’re not racist? You sound like a toothless KKK redneck from bankrupt USA. So it is okay for muslims to destroy the world you and i live in because we non-muslims deserves it? Get your facts striaght. 1) East asia is almost 100% asians, they have a very few foreign orgins living there. 2) The communist china will surpass the great evil USA on every aspect in only FIVE more years. They will take the crown away from yanks as the most powerful nation on earth while you dumb brits still be worshipping some inbred king with big ears.

  • Yoninadi

    I am a black man from U.S.A. and I have never been out of north America.I have read all the comments.The comments that I will focus on ar about Norwegian white women and Scandinavian heritage.I see that my fellow black men from Africa and U.S. are have a strong interest for short term sexual relation with Norwegian white women.If it’s ok with the Norwegian women then it should not be a problem with Norwegian men.The women that had a sexual affair with a black man made that choice,it’s their body so they will share it with whom ever they please to!What I find disturbing is that my fellow black men have a tendency to think that white women weather in Norway or Scandinavia,are cheap meat,sluts,whores etc.I read an article by Fjordman where four Somalian men that had sex with Norwegian girls and one of them refered to the girl as a whore.I find this attitude among my fellow black men very disturbing.I am sure some Norwegian men and women would agree with me.If there are any Norwegian women that don’t have a problem with this attitude,then there is some thing wrong with their self esteem.I am assuming that most of these women are teenagers under the age of 18.I don’t know what the average age is,maybe a Norwegian (white)person can tell me.Because of this ungrateful attitude of my fellow black men,I hope Norwegian women wake up to the reality that my fellow black men are users and losers.I hope that these women don’t give birth to an ugly mulatto child instead abort that mulatto fetus as soon as possible!My message to my fellow black men,you are very disrespectful to a very genorous white women.When you begin a relationship with these Nordic women,you should spend some money on her.Buy flowers,bottle of wine or champagne,box of chocolates,take them to a big mall and buy her fancy clothes.Nothing cheap!You want he to look sexy then buy her some tank tops and halter tops and thongs!If she gets pregnant with your Negro sperm then make her your wife.If not then she should abort the fetus.Kill it!No mulattos in Norway!Personally,I think that my fellow black men that have relationships with Norwegian women only for sex and then think of them as cheap whores,sluts etc are ungrateful and I wish white women the world over would make the horny black men commit to marriage first.My fellow black men if you don’t have money and a house of your own and a career with steady income,then buy yourself a whore for a few hours or leave these women alone!I hat to see the Nordic genes die out because of cheap Negro sperm!Scandinavian heritage.That bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo was designed and built by white Scandinavian men and women not by Muslim men,all they like to do is destroy Scandinavian heritage and have organize gang rapes on white women and girls.Scandinavian inventions enjoyed by the world including non whites,saabs,volvos,electrolux,nokia etc.

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  • wake up

    In a few years bloodshed will be all over the streets in norway, the men will be slaughtered, the women raped, the kingdom usurped. Norwegians have rejected God and the church and thier bibles, thier insanity is beyond belief.
    Thinking they could reject God because they have crappy oil and still can’t afford fresh fruit or afford to buy the dang oil to drive thier cars.
    God is not to be ignored, woe to them that ignore and reject God.

  • wake up

    the norwegian men have become lost to satan, they no longer provide for a wife, they divorce thier wives, play on the computer, and no longer provide a living to thier wives, the norwegian women who must work abort even the norge mans baby because it is a leech baby from a worthless parasite, a non provider male. the few mulatto babies who escape abortion who are born of rape live hellish lives in orphanages and in torment fighting themselves due to the sins of thier sires. i know a swede woman who threw 3 babies from a finn man away to the state because the finn husband stopped providing for his wife and 3 kids, all 3 kids are now crazy metal heads and satan worshippers because of divorce and trauma in orphanages.
    evil greedy lazy norge men who do not provide are as bad as somalian pimps

  • wake up

    caucasians are cauc asians, white asians, you silly asian phobic.

  • wake up

    in a small norwegian town in minnesota, 100,000 somalians were dumped into the town by a funny mayor and govenor, every local and state welfare source is now used up, the buildings are all in decay covered with gang graffitti, every library book was taken out of the public library by somalians and burned as firewood to get thru cold winters. the town is filled with gang crime , drugs, murder poverty and violence. Every scandinavian sold thier home at deep loss and moved away. now only the federal usa government sends some money to these frozen volent crazed displaced somalians in minnesota. the displaced scandinavians swear under thier breath that thier property values went down 90% but they are content just getting out of such a hell of bussed invasion. the goofy mayor and govenor who did this trick laughed and enjoyed the white flight, protests, and mass bloodshed. such is they way of those that like to bus, and force integration. it is just a bomb made out of forgein humans. norway is now being bombed.

  • Yoninadi

    Wake up,what is the nam of this small Norwegian town in Minnesota?I live in Louisville,KY about seven months of the year and their is a Somalain/African community.I am a black American man and I don’t like looking the black or brown Muslims and I hate looking at converts.Why would a white women or man convert to Islam when there is limited freedom for women ?

  • crazy world

    i hate the racism ,and i hate ur discussion that toke 2 fucing years and onwards, i m muslim guy but i blame somalian people more than any one because they broke up thier country because their fucking civil war, n they spread to other pepole country

  • Yoninadi

    Crazy world,I am an American black man and I hate Islam because of sharia law and most Muslims don’t want to assimilate because the Koran discourage assimilating with infidels.Islam is to strict for me to be interested in.I am an atheist.

  • Loren

    There is only 1 Heavenly Father and He made only 1 race–the human race. There is bad behaviour from certain people in in every culture and country because there is an Enemy against Love. That will be as long as we are here in this earth until the Change comes.
    What will you allow to rule you? Choose Love, choose God where there is Life and not hate which leads to Death (not only physically but morally and emotionally).

  • African Girl with American Passport

    To everyone who says they won’t visit Norway because of what they’re reading on this page, you’re all silly. I was told not to visit Germany because I would face racism, but I recently visited and I loved it! Made a ton of friends (that’s white German friends who were supposed to hate me btw) and even met my now boyfriend there. Same story for Italy, people told me “Oh Italians are racist” BS! I loved Italy, no one treated me bad once. I’m sure the same goes for Norway. I’m planning on visiting Norway sometime next year and am looking forward to it. Although racism does exist in many countries, most people are decent folks and to limit exploring the world because of what you hear from someone would be a shame. And even if they are racist, you should know yourself better than that and know you’re worth far more than they hold you up to. Anyway, those are my 2 cents.

  • http://- Hamidsson

    jag har bott isverige i 5 år ,och det är djävlet svårt att få kontakt med svensker ,enligt rasism är jag säker att det finns stort mängade av rasism ,men det kan man inte känner det i första taget , om man gå djoupt med svenskaer det kan man känna , det finns diskrminaering i allla fal , på g av det hud farig samt arbets markinad är bara för de som är vita

  • Lars

    look at this if you think Norway is not racist country.

  • Lars
  • Egon

    Ignorance…”racist towards muslims”…muslim is a religion, not a race..No 1 aussie “terrorist”, “Jihad ” Jack is a white (anglo-Saxon)muslim….
    NB: Black Africans ,better unite quickly and repatriate.. “babylon” means us no good…really we now can do without them..and away with political correctness ,and multi-culturalism balderdash..for the same reason that, half white Obama is only referred to as Amero’s 1st BLACK president

  • Amerikansk jente

    Whoa! I’ve lived in Norway for around six years, I’m a ~Mexican American~ from Los Angeles and I’ve never experienced racism, in Norway. Though it could be since I’m paler than my Norwegian boyfriend. ha!

    Honestly, I think Norway is a great country and I have spent years learning the language (Jeg har fortsatt problemer med å forstå dialekter! Spesielt folk fra Bergen og Stavanger.). I think that’s the problem, even though the government supplies foreigners, free Norwegian classes, hardly anyone takes them! I honestly believe, yeah it’s hard to make DEEP/real friendships with Norwegians unless you speak the language and how are you going to do that if don’t assimilate into the culture?

    I feel many of my fellow immigrants don’t want to and seeing as we are given the chance to live in Norway, we should respect that Norway has a language and we should speak it, like everyone else! I don’t know what to say, some of these comments are super sad and some are kind of true.

    Even though I am from L.A. (kind of dangerous…) I have had more scary run ins in Oslo (Oslo city og Grønland) than L.A. and yeah… it wasn’t from “ethnic” Norwegians it was, sadly, the immigrants everyone loves to hate, Somalis. So I do understand why Norwegians are maybe scared and at the same time I do understand that it’s not ALL Somalis that commit crime. I feel weird talking bad about fellow immigrants when I am an immigrant myself.

    Jeg elsker Norge og jeg elsker det norske språket. Jeg håper andre innvandrere vil forsøke å assimulate inn i kultur din. Jeg forstår at det er vanskelig å flytte til et annet land, men prøver å blande i kommer med territorium. :)

  • engly

    we need the nazis aganin!

  • Anonymous

    I am appalled after reading the comments of some of the Norwegians citizens. I never would have imagined that they are so god dam academically illiterate.
    I am an American Black Citizen who resides in Sarasota, Florida and I guarantee that based on some of the comments that I have read and how stupid they sound, that Blacks in America are much more academically sound than you stupid S.O.B.s…….. I suggest that you have your country (Norway) invest in an education system for its citizens. It’s a sad day in modern history that you low life are considered representatives of Norway. Please would some academically sound Norwegian change my opinion about your citizens. How about it’s time that the educated citizens of Norway stand up and represent their country and not let the low life citizens represent you. This has to be embarrassing to the Norwegian government and the entire human race.