Racism In Norway Where There Are Few Black Faces

The state church of Norway has found itself embroiled in a conflict over the presence of one of their ministers in the town of Oppdal which is in the mountains. The local church leader has come under sharp criticism after he prevented a pastor, who originally comes from Sierra Leone, from participating in several funerals because relatives did not want a black skin pastor having anything to do with the final send off of their dead relative. Pastor Joseph Moiba has been told by local residents, that people like himself, “don’t fit in Norway” and the pastor has been physically and verbally abused. Nils-Tore Andersen, leader of the state church council, Kirkeradet, is shocked because in his view, the church should be a leader in the fight against racism.

Andersen’s reaction to family complaints concerning a black skinned man participating in funerals was “we try to meet the wishes of families in a funeral, but there’s a limit.” Andersen was upset the local pastor acceded to requests of families and barred Moiba from participating in several funerals.

Moiba is on a sick leave due to stress caused by the incidents and he fears they will resume when he returns to duty. One can only wonder how such intensity of feeling can emerge from people who have so little contact with Africans.

  • Anonymous

    After reading several blogs on racism, it’s clear that racism exist towards darker skinned people on the entire planet of the earth, and there is no escaping it. I have come to realize that racism apparently exist out of fear and jealousy that the darker people will one day take over this earth and when it happens I hope WE will be a bigger and more loving people than our oppressors.

  • Anonymous

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    I am black guy,living in Norway for the last 10 years.Cold weather and people YES racist NO.please drop the IQ and lazy thing its not genetic its trained,i came here as immigrant but i earned my masters degree and living happily with Norwegian wife, working in a government office.so drop the crap and look forward for better Norway because i have seen bad whites and good blacks in every sector and vice versa.

  • http://youtube.com Bobby

    White countrys for WHITES ONLY black countrys for blacks

  • Jan

    Most Norwegians don’t appear to be racist, when in reality they are. People are act all forced nice with immigrants, appearing to like them, but get in a conversation with your friends and you’ll discover what people actually want. Immigrants in Norway might think everything is cool, that marrying Norwegian women is perfectly okay, that you can wear your marks of religion and walk around like you’re a member of society when in reality people would love to ship you, your traitor wife and your mixed offspring to wherever but here. The welfair system in Norway is made for exploitation, something which many blacks(Somalis and prevalently muslims) have figured out. Exploitation by Norwegians also occurs; but guess what? They have a right to be leeching scum because they are Norwegian. The fact that many immigrants live of the state is turning general consensus against them. Some immigrants are also respected because they get jobs and raise a family within their own race, but when they start inter-marrying, then the murk rices from the lake bed.

    Just a general observation.

  • Amused

    @Jan You don’t sound like a true racist, you sound more like insecure dirtbag who is jealous of interracial marriages. If you are that scared of darkies fucking and breeding with your own women, why don’t you lock them up in the closet? Or send them to re-education camp, turn them into little nazis? Don’t blame the immigrants for your shitty sex life, you little pale shrimp!

  • Jan

    It is interesting how you can draw assumptions about my sex life, based on what I wrote above. I have a woman, which actually is an immigrant so I would have to thank an immigrant for my sex life. That kind of took the sting out of your “insult”? And how come everytime some discussion about racism comes up, it is automatically Nazi? I have nothing against Jews. Also, I am quite tanned so the whole pale comment was really a miss. About the interracial marriage, it is true, you will be looked down upon.

  • Amused

    I am not a jew, little turd. You have a women? Your right hand doesn’t count. And when did i call you a nazi? I said your antics sounded like just another sexually frustrated pale pink guy venting on internet. I think your problem is more to do with your own “traitor” women, because you can’t stand the sight of hot nordic blonds with darky muslims. You can’t say jack shit to their face but you’re a nordic warrior on internet. You’re pathetic

  • Jan

    You suggested that I might send women to a re-education camp and turn them into Nazis, so you implied that I was a Nazi. Secondly, I never called you a Jew, I meerely mentioned the fact that whenever people utter comments that can be interpreted as racist, people lable them Nazis, and thus I mentioned the fact that I have nothing against Jews. There is a very small minority of Norwegian women marrying foreigners, and most of them are ugly, but it is still annoying, it is a principal. You are a very rude man, prone to make assumptions based on nothing but your own misunderstandings.

  • Amused

    Norway only has less than 6 million people living there and women aren’t having babies. So your race is bound to fail. I can understand your outrage, even ugliest norwegian women are choose to be breed with non-nordic men, that leave you with no option other than no date and probably die alone virgin, LOL

  • Horace J

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  • Horace J

    Engly said you need nazis again… unfortunately one showed up and children died… sick fuck… his dad should have pulled out…

  • LOL

    Did anyone see so called “norwegian rescue team” on tv? Aren’t norway oil rich? Maybe they could use oil money to buy parachutes, canoes, jet skis, hang gliders, or paddleboats for the swat team. Not to mention every norwegian men looked like pale little monkies running around crying. It’s no wonder why europe is over run by arabs and africans … european men has no balls. All you weak euro trash xenophobic idiots do is talk trash on internet.

  • Sabrina

    Don’t you realize the you have fallen into the trap of judging people because of man-made geographic and cultural boundaries? Don’t you realize that you are being used? Don’t you realize that we are all human beings. equally made?

  • http://theimpudentobserver.com/world-news/racism-in-norway-where-there-are-few-black-faces/ Amen Ra

    There will only be peace on this planet when white people have either left, or removed all non white folk from it. AIDS was designed to do exactly that, but it not killing people at the rate white scientists thought it would. It’s back to the drawing board, but they shall come up with something soon. Black people are only in European countries because of slavery and colonialism.

  • Royce

    60 Minutes TV did a special on racism specifically mentioning Norway. The piece focussed on the unavoidable trouble France ‘would’ have soon – they did, the Paris riots.
    Nationalism, Culture Preservation, Keeping Our Traditional Way of Life … are all synonyms for racism. “We do not want anybody else’s lifestyle, way of life, or ethnicity,” may be another way to phrase it.
    It’s too bad the Sami didn’t practice this principal long ago.

  • Heh

    So who’s fault is that? Who let the immigrants walk all over natives? Who makes the immigration laws, policies and procedures? Why don’t nordic insular mental midgets go after the politicians instead of blamimng immigrants? If norwegians do not want the mass immigration into their country, they should vote every politicians out of office. Bitching, pointing fingers at everyone else does not solve problems.

  • Traveler

    lol@ Anglowarior.
    You are a silly anglo for real. Do you know the hidden history of Australia? You anglos stoled that country from the black aboriginal people.
    You are a warrior on the net but not in front of me.

    I’m black with a PHD is physics. I don’t think any white or pink person is smarter than me. The only reason why there’s more rich/educated whites is because they oppressed the blacks for so long and they created a system for them to fall in. “welfare” as seeing in the USA

    We are stupid if we think we can tell who’s allow to live where. God created this world not the whites, although they stoled and enslaved the jews and blacks. Most of the riches of this world is from African and we all are origins of the same piece of land.
    Most countries in Africa are poor because the few corrupts are paid by those white countries to steal the natural resources and also fooled to make wars among themselves to keep the black people in poverty.
    And HIV and AIDS was created for that purpose.

    Most of My friends are whites and I’m not a racist, but the facts are in the open. In the end Who knows if God will not appear as a black man although HE transcend all races.

  • Brrown and brilliant

    I am from the caribbean and I am just baffled by these discussions about skin colour. Please people, why does the colour of one’s skin matter. It’s just some extra melanin!!! What should matter everyone is the content of the mind not the colour of the skin nor the shape of the lips or nose. That’s just physical attributes. It has NOTHING to do with intelligence or with thought patterns. I am black . I graduated from an American institution with honours in mathematics. I graduated with my masters from a british university with honours. My brown skin did not affect my brain power one bit. Skin colour never interferes with brain power.

    I agree with the folks who suggest that people should be educated about different cultures.

    Colour is only skin deep. Please. The guy who just gunned down all these folks in Utoya was not black of skin but had a very sick and dirty mind. This is what the focus should be on- the mind/heart of a person not whether or not he has a strong dose of melanin.

  • lalita

    I live in Norway at the momet,and I’m not Norwegian.It’s been couple of monthes that since I came here.I didn’t have so much information about norway.I just heared that Norway is a beautiful,cold,green country with soft people.
    But I shouls say I HAVE NEVER BEEN SUCH HUMILIATED BEFORE like this…
    they politely treat you like a dunkey! I complaied agaist sombedy here,My own lowyer words and statements tortured me more than a man who hit me here!
    and about free services here,for whom wish to come and use it..think that is very nice?.I recomend that stay in your own country,your personality much more worth than money. every people with an average IQ can earn money.It just needs some trying. I couldn’t work here because nobody accept me without knowing Norwegian lnguage.And you can’t imagin how expensive is everything here,so you don’t have a choice using for example free lowyer and you are so happy…then after 2 weeks you see nobody cares you!your lowyer gives money from goverment but it won’t treat you like a human! he talk to you whenever he wants nomatter howmany questions you have in your mind!
    another example:After all these things I went to the psychologist and when i talked about things happened to me here he got angry! try to end the session rapidly and pushed me out of the room!!!
    I wanted to vountinue my case here..but as you see they punish criminals in their way! ofcourse if you are so lucky they will give you amount of money!even if sombody tried to kill you!!SO

  • Annoyed/Amused

    Its funny how black people posting here don’t see the Irony of bitching about racism and then posting comments about raping Norwegian women or actively attempting to exterminate the native of the country they now inhabit. Way to prove the “racists” wrong.

    If you fear racism stay among your own. As a white latino living in America I thoroughly enjoy living In my peaceful predominately white/asian neighborhood far from angry hateful african americans who would harass me without provocation or gladly murder me for the change In my pocket, all the while feeling completely justified due to the color of my skin.

    Before you start in with “OMG you have never met a black person” I attended a public high school in DC were i was stabbed twice, shot at, had to learn to box just to make it home from school in one piece, and had my first car stolen from the school lot minutes after parking it, all thanks to kind loveable african folk.

  • Real american

    WhiteLatino? That’s a laugh!

    Are you one of those shit brown beaner with bleach blonde hair trying to pass off as white? I tell you what diego, before you go on and on about blacks, how about you take your cheap, smelly spic ass back to where you came from? You don’t belong in north america you dumb spic!

  • Annoyed/Amused

    Argentine/german actually. i.e. more white than you mutt.

    I’m latino because i hail from a part of the world that speaks spanish. Yes, I’m bilingual, whereas you can barely speak english. presumably you are a poor computer illiterate ape attempting to troll me. but if you are white then i am ashamed that you share my complexion.

  • GucciLuva

    as if we needed any more proof tat white ppl is racist…….

  • Anonymous

    so was the guy who shot those kids an immigrant?

  • Anon

    No, the guy who shot those kids on Utoya was not an immigrant. He was one of their own: blond-haired, blue-eyed Norwegian. He was a right-wing Christian Fundamentalist and neo-Nazi who killed his own people to make a point.

    All the Norwegians, so proud of their “pure” society, looking down their noses on everyone else, thinking that violence would come from an outsider. It didn’t. It came from one within, from one of their own. The worst slaughter their country has seen since WW2 came from a “pure” Norwegian.

  • Anon

    Anders Behring Breivik killed at least 93 of his own people to make his own personal stand against immigration.

    Makes a lot of sense, don’t you think. Kill your own countrymen.

    I hope you’re proud, Norway.

  • Heh

    I read part of his manifesto, clearly he was a lonely, dog walking fuck who had trouble getting dates. I’m guessing that he wasn’t very educated, probably was unemployed. He basically blamed his misfortunes on norwegian women & feminist monement in norway, blamed arab immigrants for taking over jobs. The funniest part was, he admired east asian culture (korean and japanese), he believe that norwegian women should go back to traditional gender role like they do in east asian countries. His belief is pretty fucking strange especially coming from a neo nazi.

    The guy was clearly a nut. He want EU to kick every muslims out of europe by 2083, and he went around killed 100 norwegians? How the fuck are they going to pull that off? White europeans will be minority by 2050, and they’re already killing their own people? If those kids would have gotten married to other norwegians, that’s quite lost for norway, the country of it’s populations already shrinking.

  • Heh

    @Anon Well, let them be snobs. I could come up with at least 20 non-nordic countries that could kick their pale asses. Norway was (still is) virtually unknown country until they discovered oil late 60’s. They brag about how rich, civilized they are but let’s take away their oil (hypothetically speaking), and let’s see how long they could stay rich and civilized. They have no strong economy, no military power, people are doped up weaklings because drugs are legalized in norway. They can only talk big about living in their own little fantasy world, but in real world norway is just another defenseless little country. The only good thing that comes out of norway, sweden is hot nordic blondes, that’s about it.

  • West Indian

    Racism exists everywhere and surfaces more with tension. Crime exists everywhere and though a certain group of people may commit a certain kind of crime more than another group, the fact is that crime and violence are not isolated to one group of people. Every race has committed some type of crime against humanity – weather it be the Salem witch hunts, apartheid, holocaust, gang warfare, mafia wars, human trafficking, drug trafficking, beheading wives for failing to produce male heirs – the list goes on and on and on and on.

    The point is, no one is exempt. The only thing we can hope- is that human being become more rational in the future and less fanatic. But again, that in itself is just something one can HOPE for.

  • tz

    what u on about its shitty probably been to most countires in europe russian,ukraine norway,german shittest place to go trust me they abunch of racist that make no sense ts 2011 get over ur selves how well it is aricist country if u hate africans arabs n jews then dont give us visa you dush bugs

  • A_Kenyan

    Hmm…. Why don’t all black people who aren’t comfortable being out of Africa just return to the motherland. While walking the streets of Nairobi, I would hardly tell an African American unless I heard them speak (accent). Everybody just goes about their business. When we see a white person, he could be an expatriate going about his business, a white settler (most of whom can speak local languages – white Africans generally) or a tourist and hey… everybody’s happy. Of course we do have cases of crime once in a while, but we have this saying in Kenya that “every market has its madman” – so does every other place on earth have its own share of violence and crime.

    Hating someone just because of their skin colour has really never made sense to me.. what is the poor guy supposed to do, go the Michael Jackson way? But some cultures are just backward… without clarifying, I wish to end my comment here.

    P.S. Visit Kenya someday… we have an ice-capped mountain, deserts, savannah grasslands (with wild animals!) and sun-bathed beaches (with tourists!).. LOL


  • bwaise

    Lalita, am not sure where you originate from, but am bemused by your complaints. Honestly if you are having a hard time in Norway get the f..k out of there and try to go back to your country and start a new. Your email is full of whinging about not having this or that, which is the last thing any none Norwegian wants on this website. It seems to me you went to Norway expecting a handout with love but that has not eventuated. I suppose you should have known that a beggar is not a chooser. My advice, if you are not white, and can’t find a job, go home!!!.
    Advice from your non Norwegian – African.

  • Anonymous

    Wow,  Why don’t you just lynch all of the non-whites too.  If that is common Norwegian thought, then no wonder why Americans think Norwegians are inferior.  plus you guys have oil… hmmm… maybe we should liberate your people and come in their and take that oil. 

  • Anonymous

    you are Latino.   You are not a real American.  Get out of my country.  Are  you a member of a gang?

  • Anonymous

    America is the greatest country in the world.  I hope the majority of Norwegians aren’t like you.  But if they are… then you do have oil… and when we get a Republican back in the office….We need may need to Liberate you guys and give you Freedom

  • Anonymous

    and America for Everybody… Can we ship our bigots to Norway.  They want government welfare but don’t want to pay taxes… enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    i agree… We whites do a good enough job screwing countries up… We don’t need darkies taking our women, though I do find some asian and latino women attractive.
    By the way… we need to economically isolate race mixing countries like america and britain.  lets isolate ourselves and only trade with countries like ourselves…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BQGKLQHRZHGPLGRECFX7NPCRWI sonya

    are you saying that there’s a lot of race mixing in norway?  that’s disgusting..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BQGKLQHRZHGPLGRECFX7NPCRWI sonya

    nothing but nig**** babble.  go to sleep ape.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BQGKLQHRZHGPLGRECFX7NPCRWI sonya

    why do blacks and middle eastern folks want to live in white countries so badly?  what the fuck?  what is the big appeal?  it seems like there’s always tension, problems, with non whites.   and why should whites be forced to mingle with non whites if they don’t want to? 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BQGKLQHRZHGPLGRECFX7NPCRWI sonya

    so…why don’t the rich africans go back to africa and help out it’s poor countries??  restore africa’s resources, economy?  why do so many non-whites want to live in europe (white countries)  so badly?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BQGKLQHRZHGPLGRECFX7NPCRWI sonya

    just goes to show you that diversity or multicultural crap doesn’t really work in any country.   negroes should live in africa not in an homogenous white countries.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LMJX2ARJ2EHZY3WMFXZEV653YQ Ruth

    Damn I so glad that this dude that killed lots of people in Norway is a white guy. So that you guys can see how fucked up you are and that you don’t need niger to kill in your country!!

  • trine stølen

    Yes I`ve lived in Norway and the attitudes, rudeness and xenophobia there is atrocious. I`ve never seen so many ignorant people in one country in my life. Read about the law of Jante, that says it all. I`ll add a link below:


  • trine stølen

    Du er ei dum Amerikansk fitte, kom deg ut av landet mitt!!!!

  • trine stølen

    There are many very dumb and pretentious Norwegians for sure.

  • trine stølen

    Nah, the same does not apply to Norway. Germans are far less racist than Norwegians are, you will never be accepted in Norway, even as a white immigrant.