Racism In The City

Visit any large metropolitan area in the world and one will encounter examples of racism and brutality to those whose skins are dark or whose religions are not in the mainstream of society. In New York City over 800,000 are halted each year on grounds they are “suspicious individuals.” Dark skinned boys and girls are searched on the streets as people gaze in wonder as to whether a criminal has finally been captured. At best, a knife is found, a ticket for a parking violation is uncovered, and the person is charged with some minor offense. London is among the most notorious cities in which being dark skinned is an invitation to be humiliated on the streets of that wonderful city.

The Metropolitan Black Officers Association issues a blistering statement charging the police force for being  racist, not only toward citizens of there city but towards fellow police. The BPA notes that dark skinned officers remain at the bottom of the  list when it comes to  promotions and there are “disproportionate outcomes for black and minority ethic” citizens of the cities.