Racism In The Cockpit At BA

British Airways has for many years been regarded as a high quality operation which meets the needs of people from diverse societies. Captain Dough Maughan, who has flown with the organization for twenty-eight years, went public with his complaints about ongoing racism among many senior pilots. His allegations are obviously an embarrassment to an airline which operates out of airports throughout the world. Mr. Maughan has been fighting for years to get upper level BA officials to take seriously the rampant racism which pervades the cockpits of many of its planes. He identified the issue as one that was generational since younger pilots rarely engaged in the type of racist comments that were so common among older pilots.

Mr. Maugham complains that it is normal for older pilots to make comments about “ragheads” on the plane or complain their are too many Asians coming into Britain or to denigrate black passengers on the plane they were flying. Nigerian officials recently blasted British treatment of its nationals on a flight to Britain claiming there was blatant discrimination.

The good news is that few of the younger pilots on BA engage in this type of racist comments.