Racism On Rise In Lithuania

There is increasing evidence racist attacks are growing in many areas in Lithuania. The Indian singer, Bemeen, who works in the area has encountered examples of people using expressions such as “nigger” in order to describe him or his colleagues. This week, a gang assualted Bemeen, who is black, resulting in a beating that sent her to the hospital. The singer who performs in Lithuania and on local TV notes: “You cannot escape such people because they are everywhere. I worked hard in nine months and I do not plan to run from somebody calling me a ‘nigger.’ This was the first attack of such in my life. I have forgotten things like this. I kow this happens in all parts of the world, not only in Lithuania, but also London, South Africa, America. But it is totally different when it happens in a small country like this.”

Official figures indicate there has been a rise in such attacks, but they still number fewer than fifty nationwide. Obviously, one such incident is one too many, but until the numbers of black skinned people rise in the Baltic nations, these attacks will remain local in nature.

  • Proud Lithuanian

    I agree with A Racially Aware Man.
    And Maverick, you say Lithuania’s economy is failing? Look at the shitty economies of Africa. At least we’re better than that. Blacks can’t take care of their own countries and they always ruin white ones with the crimes and everything as Racially Aware mentioned. They are leeches. They go to you when you are doing well, but when you are in times of trouble, they are out. So yes, maybe Lithuania’s economy is not as good as it was 2 years ago, but black people will make it worse as they ALWAYS do. we’ll get there, and we will get there with our own strength as we did in the Soviet times.

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  • Zara

    Lithuanians are very racist. It seems to be deeply ingrained in the national psyche.
    The fact they heavily collaborated with the Nazis, decimating the Jewish 1939 population of 220,000 to just 10,000 by the end of the war, proves this. These survivors were predominantely children who were hidden.
    Remember it was the king of Lithuania around 1,000 years ago who invited the Jews into the country, mainly for economic and social reasons. Since then Jews have always been heavily persecuted, and amongst the most virulent. We had lived there for such a time until the Holocaust. This is overt proof of Lithanians being of a racist nature.
    Intermixture between the Jews and Lithuanians would be low, but nevertheless, I guarantee most Lithaunians would have at least one Jewish ancestor.
    Remember how a person feels about the external world is but a reflection of how they feel within.
    Love is the essence of life and happiness…..

  • Jon Lord

    Eastern Europe generally is racist due to primitivity, backwardness and a general lack of inclusion in western civilised ideals. After the fall of the soviet union these countries tried to reclaim their identity and social ideals but it will take a long time. They view other colours as new invaders after living like slaves under the Russians. I could not help but feel sorry for many of them as they are not mentally clued on and stable. One thing I know is this, no country in the world can stop multiculturalism, no matter what you do the face of your country WILL change like, it or not. We have seen many countries like Ireland recently try to use racism to stop other colours settling there and they failed woefully. Lithuania will also fail!

  • Black and Proud

    I am black, got a Lithuinian girlfriend, and i will be coming to Lithuinia ssonest for holidays. When i come, please let me see all you bloody racist and i will show you what it means to be BLACK!
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  • Lithuanian girl

    I love black men! Lithuanian men are useless!!
    They don’t know how to fuck/treat a woman…
    They don’t even have good jobs…
    They are not good looking…
    They have small penis…
    I’ll love black men for life! Labanakt…

  • Tyler

    I am quite disgusted by some of the racist rants on here. But not as disgusted as I was by my Lithuanian tenants. They left my house filthy dirty, stole things, broke what they could not steal and stopped paying rent when they realised they could get benefits. I would go to collect rent and they would sit there with Sky Plus and a brand new flat screen telly and tell me ‘no money, no money’, they intimidated the neighbours, had all night parties because they didn’t have to get up for work and then had the cheek to tell me that they didn’t like the area they were living in because there were ‘too many blacks’. The black people in the area are mainly British. How dare they come to my country and behave in such a way and moan about British people? THEY are the foreigners, not the black people they moan about who grew up here and behave in a civilised manner. The way they lived their lives and claimed as much money from the British Government as they could is a disgrace to their country. I fully accept that not all Lithuanians are going to be like them and its a bloody good job. They were hideous people with backwards views, they lied about everything and lived like dirty pigs. Total and utter scum, just like some of the narrow minded bigots on this site.


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    On the real, i don’t believe all Lithuanians are racists. I mean there is always an exception in anything and everything, that is why it is not good to generalize. 0.01% could mean 10,000 people and those are GOOD PEOPLE. Also most people tend to go with the flow when it seems everybody is doing the same thing; psychologically people don’t like to stand alone, they like to be in the crowd. So most people who will actually seem like racists in Lithuania are actually free-minded people behind closed doors or whatever. Anyways, anybody who is still openly hating on anybody for no reason at all other than stupid stereotype, generalization & such at this time & age should go hide behind a rock or something. It is absolutely daft. It is understandable for people to slowly or otherwise adjust to what they are not used to; if i saw an Asian for the first time in my life, i am not gonna act like i didn’t see nothing no matter how i pretend about it. But i would be a stupid idiot to start hating on any random Asian for nothing. + any idea you cannot defend publicly with your face to it (not in some internet faceless blog) then keep it bottled up & probably chock on it bcos the world does not need the shit you are selling. Enough said.

  • JD

    These comments make me sick. I don’t know what is wrong with you people but I do hope that one day you will get better.

  • Pure Lithuanian

    I am pure Lithuanian.Blue eyes,blond hair,tall,2.01cm.
    I live in UK 7 years.before Australia,New Zealand,Honkong,Gibraltar.Visited many countries.
    The thing with Lithuania is that is very racist country.
    I am racist too.
    But only against niggers and arabs.
    My girlfriend Lithuanian nice blondie told me,why i dont like niggers.
    She came,and she started hate them straight away.
    When beautifull blonde going,they say ,hay babe,nice ass,bla bla bla.
    When she said,go away monkey, the man called for police,and told she is racist.
    Many girls dont like niggers more than mans,definetly.
    Yes,our girls like spanish,Italians,Brazilians south americans,cause they like Miguel,can spent hours for compliments,romantic dinner etc.
    Yea we may bit jelous for this south americans cause they dont drink to much and can show biger respect for girlz.
    Lithuanian man,is standart BELFAST man.
    We similar to Northern Irish people by mentality.
    NI is white too.
    Only we dont mind you are catholic or protestant))
    Many Lithuanians lived ,worked travelled in UK,USA,France,Spain.
    They now,that you cant go to Brixton in London at night cause you are white,in Paris suburbs in many black areas.
    Where is blacks ,is problems.Is true.
    Polish police shot nigerian man ,cause he atacked police with bricks,and tried to steel his gun.
    Why,where is niggers always problems,and english people very racist inside.
    When they are drunk,they always calling blacks niggers.
    I am very white,and nobody told me in UK,that why i am here.
    When i worked as Bricklayer,it was enough to say that i am Lithuanian,and i got job straight away.
    We are hard workers,and is even easer for us to get job than for english in england,cause english comming late ,or dont comming on monday at all,cause is drunk after party.
    If drunk Lithuanian yob,call nigger monkey and niggers atacking by gang,English yobs always helping for Lithuanians.
    Is big respect.White for white,European always will respect each other.
    Yes,in Lithuania we have problems with alchohol,with economy,but we are stable country anyway.
    You cant imagine how many blacks,even British blacks is deported from Lithuania,by customs,cause they are blacks.
    I have British pasport too,cause i am so long here and i paid to much tax.
    But in heart in am Lithuanian,and i always say i am Lithuanian.
    We have famous people.even Lithuanian man,managed BOGOTA city,Colombia,as mayor for 8 years.
    We are one of few countries where any white can call nigger,and when blackman will report for Police,Police just will laugh and will call him monkey too.
    Its no point to visite Lithuania if you are blackman or muslim arab,or pakistani.
    It is not worth.
    Waiters may will not serve you,or they will say we are busy now)))
    It is reality.
    In russian,skinheads beating and sometimes killing for beeing non white.
    Thats realy bad.
    We dont go to africa or haiti,or Brasilian favelas,which is full of blacks,and full of crime.
    We in Lithuania even havent good or bad areas to live.Is more less areas the same.
    Only one black woman who could invest some money anywhere would be Ophra Winfrey.
    World is dominated by Whites,and will be dominated forever.
    The world is not enough.


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  • britman65

    This is laugable especially when all these lithuanias here are saying get out of my country

    what country do you mean?


  • clown

    no no its not good idea for black people to live in lithuania its always going to be like that. actualy not just for blacks for any kind of nation people. we are fucking nazi like all other countries. and thats the real truth.

  • laura

    this are all very intresting comments, i am a lithuanian and i dnt live there and i have relized how lithuania is. i love it, its beautiful, but there are alot of problems about racism. i don’t agree with racism at all and i feel that lithuania is still living in the olden times and would love to see it change.

  • laura

    I have read most of your comment again and have relized how racism most of you are why cant you people just get along. black people- are gorgoes and they just not alll thiefs and rapist white and asian people are too, asian people- are cultual and i love how they live there life. lithuanian people can be racist but not all of them.

  • Lemonjelio and Orangjello

    I am Lithuanian,and i working in construction too.
    I am joiner.
    Living in Newcastle.
    I have nothing to say about blacks,but i never saw them in construction even when i worked in one site in Peckham.Areadominated by blacks,but all workers was white ones.
    I asked site manager,Irish lad,why there are not any blacks,or africans
    He told they are so lazy))) was bit funny
    Yes Lithuania is racist,and i dont recomend to visit this country for non whites,especialy blacks,
    Just because for own safety,
    Yes is nice country but it is very racist. Of course some girls will love black man,but some can call him straight-nigger withou reason.
    I sometimesthinking that the word nigger is nothing bad. We didnt colonised these african countries,Its just normal word,
    Blacks call each other nigger but we europeans cant call.
    If somebody would call my white nigger it would be so funny))
    Somebody told ,that east europeans stealing british jobs
    ,i would recomend you to open youtube and to see this

    its just so many councill house areas,dominated by locals,majority never worked in own life
    Our girls is blondes,nice beautifull,and specialy these ones from vilages,who never saw black man they like them for exotic.But i dont know why,i personaly only met Lithuanian girls who told me that they hate so much blacks.
    I asked why?
    they always telling same,different culture,dirty,no culture,using drugs etc
    also is big difference for american-english blacks,and blacks who is from africa firts generation,which they always illegal ones.
    I dont know why but when a black man is angry he is like animal,and calling all racist and motherfuckers.
    I heard.several times it.
    I cant judge these people but forrum is about Lithuania.majority local people say,that they dont want any blacks even for tourism purposes here.And it should be respected.Wedont go to somalia,chad or nigeria,so please respect us.
    Another strange thing is,
    All europe was destroid after 1 and 2 world war.
    totaly destroid like germany japan
    Africa in these times was like today
    nobody destroided them
    Germany,Japan in 20 years became world powerhouses,and africa same poor,and more porer.
    Australia was like africa 150 years ago,was stone century in australia
    Europeans done in 100 years,economical powerfull country.
    Its sad to know that if you are black,you automaticly have little chance to make good career,even here in Uk constructions,which is hard but well paid job.only several like Obama can became well known,and powerful.But obama was teached and was growing in white family.So why nobody likes them.
    What caused the nigger’s problem?
    Mother nature.

  • For black and proud

    You will not pass Lithuanian border,or airport security. You will be deported))
    In Kaunas,you will be called nigger and if you try to fight ,lads will beat you straigh away.
    I dont think that your girl will let you to come with you cause she will be called bitch and will be beaten in front of you.It was like that in Kedainiai,when girl came with her boyfriend and was beated on the way from airport to kaunas bus station,in local bus.
    Nobody like blacks,here.So you will be beaten easily,and probably beaten by police then.Go to Poland,maby they are friendly))
    Lithuania only for whites

  • Lemonjelio and Orangjello Pig

    Lemonjelio and Orangjello + Plus all u other faceless racist pricks go get a fucking life or continue your incestuous life. Nobody who deserves to breath needs the crap out of your tiny lil ass that u are selling. Imagine you writing trash & including Obama in it, u white trash. That was the worst 1min i have ever wasted & will never get back. U don’t know shit about history bozo, go read some book. Talking about Europe was destroyed & Japan too but Africa still poor. U sound like an idiot talking out of its ass fool. Talking about once you are black u can never make any progress, you must be on some kind of local drugs bozo, where the hell are u from. Internet faceless wanker. Go get your facts right and stop talking out of your ass, & out of share hatred. I am not gonna even waste a word on Lithuania anymore, but all u low-life faceless racist worms using the opportunity to hang your dirty stinky racist undies in public for people to see are just the worst creatures the world can live without. U are such an idiot and a bozo its un-the-fucking-believable. U are working in some one else’s country yet u think u have the moral backing to say people shouldn’t go elsewhere u moron. GO do more construction u drug infested serial killer. If u are into construction where the hell do u get an hour write your broken english horse shit? Talking about blacks are lazy, fool Western Europeans hate u because you enter their countries feeling u have every right to, and then take all their jobs, yet u pride yourself with that. Most people from your uncivilized part of town come to Western Europe to get enlightened & know better & stop blind hate, but u? u are just a garbage that will never get fresh even with magic. I know so so many people who came to the west from all these blind archaic countries & they were somewhat wary of black people simply because they have never seen even a person like that before, which is strictly normal and natural. But with time they get used to it, that is natural too. Most of them date black people from all over the world & what not, some out of curiosity, some out of amazement, some out of simple old fashioned love, & that is how life is bozo. Go get a life fool. if u need something to do, go continue with you incest because that is what some of you people especially like you do best. Because u are angry at your pitiful low-life, your best bet is to come on a faceless blog and display your hate on black people, go hang yourself bozo. The world won’t even miss u for a splitting sec. You modern day slave, get your fact together.

  • Lemonjelio

    For all africans rven black british or black Polish,i would recomend to visite russia,especialy Moscow.
    We have one nigger BABATUNDA he raped several girls in Lithuania,who was beautiful blondies.Another niger gave AIDS for 40 woman i Poland.
    Ist enough
    A nigger and a spic jump off the Lithuanian Television tower, who hits
    the ground first?
    The spic, because the nigger had to stop on the way down and
    spray paint “motherfucker” on the wall.

  • Vaidas

    Sveiki tautieciai.
    Kodel negrus erzinat a?
    Did you hear about the new Black Barbie?
    It comes with 12 kids, AIDS and a welfare check.

  • Anonymous

    it’s really sad how bad the world has become. Wish it could be a better place.

  • Paul.USA

    hay lads,i am from alabama

    What did the Alabama sherriff call the nigger who had been shot 15 times?
    Worst case of suicide he had ever seen.

  • Alan 68 Luang Prabang

    I worked as a bus driver in USA.
    Was time when niggers havent permission to sit in front of bus.A bus full of niggers missed a corner and went over a cliff and exploded, killing all the niggers. And do you know what the really bad news was? There were empty seats on the bus!!!!!!!!!

    I deffinetly go to Lithuania,
    Its probably only country where is like in Europe old days.
    When you can drink lager on the street,old fashion style.
    People told me that Lithuanians is very clean people.And they are never late in job.
    Is it true?

  • Anonymous

    alan 68
    ur’e a dumb ass

  • Anonymous

    true say. filled up with illitracy. Alan68 wakeup and go to school and get some enlightenment. should be ashamed of yourself. By the way i’m white and i love blacks, pinks reds infact everyone who is not ignorant.

  • al

    exellent joke alan68,and fuk all you white pussies too afraid to hate people who deserve to be hated.why cant white people have a country free of blacks?i dont see white people pouring into africa or all white neighborhoods in india,why should we have to sacrifice our cultures and traditions to accomodate a bunch of parasites.hey TOM,your wife is a niglet breeding bitch,and i think africa would be the best place for you.for those wondering i am a white male from oakland california,which is a predominantly black city.i assume all you sympathizers dont live among many blacks.
    thus your niaeve,everybodys welcome attitude,
    you have no idea how many problems they cause.they are extremely racist,and love any form of getting over on white people,running around like packs of dogs.the city is void of businesses cause blacks rob and vandalize them into bankruptcy,the only things that survive are the liquor stores,and mcdonalds.oh and motel6.and go help you if you work the night shift.one weekend in 2008 there were 9 murders in oakland,one weekend.its such a beautiful place ruined by our
    negro buddies,as well as detroit,baltimore,kansas city.dallas.new orleans,miami,chicago,new york,portland,etc. etc.etc.so fuk you immigrants and your sob stories,stay the fuk out of our societies and if some dirty immigrant tried shacking up with any white female member of my family,i would give him one warning to stay away then if that was ignored id crack his fukn skull.they think dropping off a nig nog baby with a white family to raise
    ,is funny as hell.id drown the little mongrel in a 5 gallon bucket.and guess what all my family and friends feel the same way.shocked as you may be,the race war is inevitable,you european white ass lickers better take a side.lithuania,what a trip i never thought id hear of nigs moving to fukn lithuania,any where theres a productive white society with plenty of government welfare,and lots of white women who can never be trusted to keep their dignity by the way. coons thought they died and went to heaven.what do white people get in black societies…….DEAD…wake up europe.stop the cancer.

  • al

    oh by the way LITHUANIAN GIRL,you dont have to lie,we all know you are a black man with an inferiority complex.sounds like you are an expert on white mans dicks.whatever makes you feel better for being the ass wipes of the world for the last 500 years.you darkies will never live to see the fall of whitey so eat a hot bowl of shit LITHUANIAN GIRL.

  • al

    when does a black man become a nigger?

    when he leaves the room….har har har..

  • Anonymous

    thank God Obama is black, Fucking red neck

  • Liam.Essex

    Here in UK,we calling niggers in a tree with a briefcase as branch manages.
    Whats about US?

  • Anonymous


  • Johnny.San Diego

    As half mexican and half Lithuanian i will tell you.
    I been in Lithuania twice,and because i look spanish,i was treated very friendly by locals.
    One american black man was holded by airport security 2 hours.and i heard how officials called him monkey,just for fun.
    The blcak man told that he will call American embasy,and chief officier called to american embasy here in Lithuania and told them that they got nigger tourist.
    For blacks and asians(arabs,muslims)but not chinese is very hard here,same as for gipsies.
    Everybody hates them,and Klaipeda is full of German nacist.Police is very racist too.
    More racist than australia or spain.
    I personaly dont like niggers,cause they do troubles wherether they live.Whats the difference between a picknick table and a nigger?
    The picknick table can support a family.And nigger not.
    I planning to move to Lithuania permanently,cause is very quite,buses comming on time,everything here is on time,and quality of life is very high.

  • Uncle Ruckus

    I am a black person and I have to say I hate black people as well. The worst thing that could ever have happen was for the GOOD white people of the world to give black people their freedom.

    During slavery the GOOD White man savagely raped black women and understood they had a right to do so, and black men were not allowed to even look at the pureness of the white woman.

    The GOOD whitle man made every effort to keep the black person dumb and ignorant and beat and even killed the black person for trying to educate themselves.

    The GOOD white man whipped, killed, starved, mistreated and brutalized black slaves for acting civilized, while at the same time protesting how civilized the white man was.

    The GOOD white man prospered off the labor of black people, becoming richer and richer and made sure that black people were unable to financially support themselves.

    The GOOD white man used Christianity to convince black people that they should suffer now so they could get to heaven when they die, all the while the GOOD white man enjoyed his heaven on earth.

    The GOOD white man sold the children of the black person, because family is not important, all the while they kept their families as close as possible.

    The GOOD white man said that slavery was necessary because black people are too ignorant to care for themselves and it’s the GOOD white man’s duty as a Christian to care for black people through the institution of slavery, and as soon as black people gained their freedom the GOOD white man started lynching black people because they started to care for themselves.

    The GOOD white man has enjoyed hundreds and hundreds of years of benefits, handouts, financial help simply because they were white, and understand that only them and no black person should ever be given anything.

    The GOOD white man enjoys financial success, as they are on the top of the ladder, from the sell of millions and millions of kilos of drugs , and make sure that black people go to jail for selling the ounce that trickles down to them. Cocaine is often sold in black neighborhoods but they are not manufactured in black neighborhoods.

    The GOOD white man understand the importance of his racist ways and makes sure that black people can not get hired, can not get promoted, are under paid, and have to be twice as good just to be average and then rightfully reminds the world how black people are poor and unskilled.

    The GOOD white man makes sure that black neighborhoods get less money for their schools, keep class room sizes over populated, hire inferior teachers to teach in black schools and then take pride in white student scholastic achievements.

    And for all the “GOOD” that the GOOD White man has done for black people, what do black people do:

    They marched for their civil rights

    They keep surviving despite the world, from the U.S. to Lithuania, hating them.

    They continue to be the trendsetters of the world. From fashion to music, from culture to sports from slang to sun tans. Those no good black people continue to have the world trying to be like them.

    They help the world with such important things as being the first to do an open heart surgery when the world thought it was impossible, they created the traffic light, it was a black person (lewis latimer) not thomas edison who actually created the light bulb by learning how to manipulate the carbon filament inside. The gas mask which has been used to save millions of lives, otis boykin invented the electronic control devices for guided missiles, IBM computers, and the pace maker. Dr. Patricia E Bath invented a method of eye surgery that has given sight back to the blind. A black man Charles Drew developed the first blood bank. A black person Elijah McCoy invented or improve the ironing board and the lawn sprinkler. A black person Joseph winters patented the fire escape ladder. A black person, Philip B Dowing invented the street letter drop mailbox.A black person Granville woods improved the telephone making it a everyday house hold item. A black person Mark Dean created the changes to computers that allow compatible PCs to use the same peripheral devices, without this you could not print, you could not hook up your monitor, you would not be able to have an external keyboard, a mouse, access to the internet, or the ability to sign on to this webpage and discuss how useless black people are.

    And now those dam black people go and get a Black President in the United States.

    When will these beast be stopped–Never I tell ya, Never!!! Despite the fact that they have been hated for years and seem to use our hate to improve themselves, and despite the fact that no other race could have possibly withstood all they have withstood for hundreds and hundred of years We all have to continue to hate them.

    Sincerely Uncle Ruckus

    We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing.

  • Anonymous


  • Diane

    Brilliant Uncle Ruckus…I mean absoulutely BRILLIANT. I think your comment says it all. I think anyone with common sense understands and I know everyone who understands Thanks You.

  • Anonymous

    i’m gonna name my son uncle rukus, i’m a white man but i absolutely happy u wrote this. dude this world is a world of the free. AWESOME!!!!!

  • Ilija

    Kurvos lietuviai, patys po uzsienius vazinejates, i kitas salis varot uzsidirbt ir pagyvent, o i savo sali zmoniu neisileidziat. Juodieji yra daug protingesni uz jus, issigimeliai. nu ir eikit nachui. Pats esu gimes Lietuvoj ir jumis visais gedijuuos!!!!!

  • John

    All the black commenting on this site need to wake up, in africa there is 10000% more racism, why is there always conflict in africa? Its got to do with different cultures fighting each other, in other words its racism, in south africa more blacks killed each other during apartheid than whites did, total deaths were 80,000 during apartheid, 65000+ black on black, why do blacks always want to marry white women, stick to your own kind, we dont want you in europe, if africa is better then stay away. The last country left intact from the white man is south africa soon to be like the next zimbabwe, you didnt want whites in africa, then stay away from europe, we know what blacks are like, if you put whites in africa it functions, put blacks there and its africa, enough african migrants will ruin europe, sure the left will say this is racism but its a fact africans are corrupt

    If black invented everything then why was there no ships that arrived on european soil before 13th centrury, why were they taken as slaves? If you honestly believe blacks made inventions then you have never been to africa, they are so behind its scary. You blame the white man for everything and you are so thick to think the whole of africa is black, my friend wake up, north africa is arab, they are not blacks, they dont like blacks in algeria they beat them up as well and kick them out.

    If whites are so bad, then why marry white women, the black man uses the word racism and takes white women to feel equel to a white man, without this you would see him for what it is, an animal.

    Africans are behind, who feeds africa? Africans? who sent money to haiti when the blacks were starving? africans

    No my friend the white man has fed africa and continues to feed africa, you can cry all day long about the slave trade, if it was so bad, then why when those slaves were freed did they not return to africa, if things are so bad you leave, you never stay.

    Blacks feel sorry for themselves and prey on trashy white women to sleep with. They hate the colour of their skin, do you know all nations, indians, chinese, japanese, arabs, south americans look as africans as an inferior race, they cannot even understand how an intelligent white person would talk to one never mind have sexual intercourse with them.

    Lions and hyenas know what they are, seems the white man doesnt know what an african is, they are the most primative human in the world, their skulls look like a baboon head and shape, look at their art work, one can hardly call a stick man or cave drawing art, compare that 5,000 old drawing to the castles in europe, oh i forgot the blacks also built the castles?

    The only castles ive seen in africa have been built with the brains of a white man or arab and never a negroid, i wish this white world would wake up and i hope the chinese get rid of this disease in africa

  • John

    ruckus you can talk some BS

    Which white man would want to rape a slave?

    first lets define slave- if they were equals then they would not be slaves, infact the dutch made and passed laws not to mix with slaves.

    You bring that old rape thing up because it is in blacks natures to rape, blacks are the minority in america yet they are the result of 73% of all rapes of white women, in south africa the rape capital of the world where a rape occurs every 5 seconds its from blacks not whites, whites have a concious which blacks lack hence why they can hack, murder, rape, plunder and were called kaffirs by the arabs for being non believers.

    Your entire article is at best efforts preying on the guilt of whites, whites must feel guilty for blacks since slavery was due to the white man, but you forget to mention that the arabs and africans actually sold your black brothers to the white man, do you think a white man would run in the middle of africa trying t catch blacks, you have not been to africa, you can take maleria tablets all day long and still catch the disease.

    You whole agenda is that whites pretend we are better than we are. Then why do black want to marry white women?

    You love to hate the fact that your skin isnt white, all the nations of the world buy skin lighters, go to asia, see for yourself its big business there.

    Anyway im here to tell you that africa is free for you to go home anytime, take all your intellectual knowledge the white man has stolen from you and prove to us that you can make it a success

    3,000 white farmers in zimbabwe kept the country and africa from going into starvation, now they kicked them out and africa is starving and soon will the entire africa more of these beasts be flocking to europe to sleep with white women and when the women say no “because you look the closest thing to an ape from nose to hair” you call them racist

    Oh my what scoundrels, if you point out the facts like i have, then you are called a racist, yes i know “i have to be a racist for pointing these out” but as the old saying says, ” the truth dont lie, and you cant hide the truth cause the truth will set you free”

    Oh and for those who preach the DNA theory we all come from africa, do you know that the mosquito then should be our fathers, they have the closest dna to us, even closer than an ape, so that theory is debunked this is another agenda of the main stream media to integrate the white man with this primitive species that should be chained up because when you leave them to fend and feed themselves the white man has to always come to the rescue.

    The truth is you need the white man for google, the internet, television, satelite, email, cars, aeroplanes and everything still about to come out, its either made by whites or asians and never from a negroid

  • kimberly

    let me tell you a brief story of south africa which you will never hear in the newspapers, television or anything like that

    when the first whites arrived, the only people closest to blacks were bushmen. they had no education, no schools, no language written down, no history book.

    South africa is almost 70% semi arrid dessert, nothing grows there, the only time farms been made is when whites built them. If black man has good harvest he will not harvest next year, he doesnt grow to feed his neighbour, his people.

    When whites came to south africa (during british occupation) they built trains and thousands of blacks came down, they had the perfect breeding ground, money, housing, hospitals and free food, so their numbers increased.

    When communism stared in europe and ww2 was over, the soviet empire helped the africans liberate africa, blacks who wanted to take control of south africa who were once uppon a time not even from south africa wanted to control everything, so they got their training.

    They then used to blow up people, commit murder, then we introduced a system of making blacks carry identification to tell which ones were in the country as you had to be in south africa to get one and which ones were terrorists comming from central african soviet training camps.

    Then apartheid started, they called us racists etc but we built the economy, we built the schools which they had access to for free, blacks had free health care, free meals, they paid no taxes and were able to do just about what they wanted.

    The gov even wanted and offered and even built them there own cities and towns which were complete failures because the black man was much better off living off the white man.

    we had hardly no crime, no rapes, murders and where there was crime in eastern cape, the minute they stopped blacks comming into white areas, crime dropped 100% yes you read that right 100% it dropped over night, in port elizabeth.

    Then the end of apartheid came, they got their freedom and hell started, 3,256 farmers murdered white farmers producing food for blacks, 260,000 whites attacked and murdered in 16 years of democracy, no more free school, no hospitals, no electricity, no police force, almost 80 murders a DAY!

    More people killed in south africa than soldiers & civilians killed on a daily basis in Iraw and afghanistan. People starving, black population is dieing, infant death is going up.

    millions of niggers comming into the country from zimbabwe because that nigger gov kicked the whites out of Zimbabwe.

    We as whites who built the economy cannot find jobs, blacks get first choice, they want to take the farm land away like they did in zimbabwe

    but they forget that the 6 million left over whites will fight, we will not sit back like in zimbabwe we will fight, 80,000 men brough the british army which was the mightiest empire on earth to its knees.

    500,000 men will take africa, my friends the war is going to start in south africa, watch your screens.

    Lets them say when the blacks attack us first it was because of apartheid, but what about the previous 300 years, we have been in south africa since 1652 longer than australians and new zealanders combined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As long as americans and we can enjoy a night out because they hijack us, shoot us, they say africa for black yet they flock to europe, they are quick to say this is south africa so leave, but they forget to say oh “and take your schools, roads, building, cars, houses, electricy etc etc with you”

    they forget that more blacks have killed each other in south africa than whites ever did, infact it was the white man who prevented the zulus from totally killing the xhose, it was the xhosa who killed the bushmen and ate them.

    It was always black savage tribes attacking whites, petersberg south africa had to be abandoned because of blacks attacking them, then when the whites left so did the blacks, when the town was settled again by whites guess who followed and caused the crime? blacks and today 16 years after apartheid they are back there

    Stop being a pussy white and stand up for yourself, they say south africa is for blacks and we are immigrating then you say europe for whites only…………

    If you let them in to pregnate your women you will be letting thorns grow in your back garden

    Most blacks are supersticious, they dont believe in much, the practice black magic, when they have children they are mixed race, arabs are mixed race between blacks/whites, and when you mix half a soul with no soul you find them turning to islam, when they turn to islam they still attack the west.

    watch these videos and see what happens when black out number whites





    Learn about the truth whats happening, in the west they try to force this multicultural crap on us, look what happens when this happens, when whites become a minority you have this situation

  • Vytas for Kimberely and John

    Its same for australia & New Zealand
    when british came,here was aborigenes and maoris,and lived in stone century
    Whites created very rich country australia and new zealand
    i met only few normal blacks in my life
    and they was educated clever ,but its only 1 from thousand,and they were born in UK
    Lithuania never had colonies
    i believe that south africa,will be like zimbabve
    why this 5 milion whites didnt created own country ,with capial Capetown.
    why you didnt separeted from South africa ot didnt took nice peace from Namibia
    Namibia is empty land.
    If whites created wonderfull australia from desert like jewish created israel from desert too.You can make second australia in several thousand square kilometres whethewher in South africa or Namibia.
    I am lithuanian,and i personaly when i renting flat in UK asking is any blacks living 20meters around.if they live ,its sure noice will be every day,kids,screaming,thefts etc.I respect people like uncle ruckus,but they are single numbers in black population.white country near south africa wuould be big benefit for african economy,its like small singapore in south east asia,where all moneys passing through this small city-state.
    If Lithuania government will get pressure from Brusel to get some refugees,i am sure,they will agree to bring these white zimbabvea and south african farmers.
    They would bring agrigulcure technology and would be happy with lithuanians on lithuania soil.
    We Lithuanians never had colonies in africa exept in 17 century small part of Gambia.
    And we always will be option for white people who cant get normal life in these poor african states.
    Lithuania is not very rich,is alrite.It is quite,cold and european country.
    If niggers reach this beautifull land they are cached by police and deported straight away,after several days.
    You south african white people,fill application forms ,explain everything and come to us.we have so much land,it will be enough for all of us

  • God

    Let’s face it!! You all are imperfect and unworthy of my mercy.

    Your ignorant banter back and forth on this website only saddens me, and White, Black, Asian or whatever will face my judgement.

    In the end, I will judge your soul not your color. In the mean time continue to hate each other and prepare to be accountable to me for it in the last day and time.

    I eagerly await your next hateful response, but comment knowing that it displeases me.

  • Melanie

    Lithuania is not exactly the most Civilized country in the world but at the same time they do have a point about Black People. The Black people do seem to be immoral, backward, uneducated, uncivilized and easily coerced people. Which other race has been enslaved for many hundred years?.

    Am not a racist at all but blacks compared to non-blacks seem to be more backward and very un-lady like and un-gentlemen like. Am not saying every single Black Person is like this but as a race compared to other races they are really uncivilized

    Now Lithuania has it’s own issues as they aren’t the most well behaved people in the world either, if they were they would have a decent army and decent economy and decent sports teams. So in all I think Lithuanis are insecure within themselves and blacks are simply an excuse for them to show voilence!

  • Lithuanian boy

    We just got 3 place in baskettball in the world.
    every olympic,we get medals in basketball
    for 8 years our economy growing rate was8-10% each year.
    from 1990 we started from zero.
    we dont need big army cause we are peacefull,and homogenous country

  • mark smith

    It is a shame reading all these hate sayings here yet we live together everyday as if nothing is happening.Iam married to an english girl and Iam english too. Iam a hard working computer technician, I welcome anybody around me becuase I travel a lot and wish everybody welcomes me too wherever I go.I have been to Africa a lot doing business,I have been to Ghana Nigeria,South Africa and Senegal and have also been to several european cities but I must say every country has some good and bad bits.
    I must say that I have suffered in the hands of thiefs in some of these countries but the one I will never forget in a hurry is how a Lithuanian fela ran away with my money on ebay but was caught and jailed afterwards.
    I later learnt that many of them (Lithuanian)pose like Nigerian internet fraudstars when in actual fact they are our neighbouring Lithuanians, what a shame?
    So why all these hate saying about other tribes on this earth what is the difference please.

  • nichole

    Oh wow how much hate for Lithuania LOL
    I’ve been to lithuania many times and Im black and half latina. The people i met there were very nice to me, and NOT racists at all. However, maybe there are racists people but NOT all of them are the same. in every country there are racists. I bet if you would go to Africa or somewhere where only blacks, latinos, asians live there would be a lot of racist people to. Therefore, stop hating!