Racism Races Along In UK

The United States of America has the Tea Party and our brethren in England have the English Defense League whose goal is to create a society  which lacks   those of foreign birth residing in their homeland. I wonder if that includes those whose descendants came from the European continent and settled in dear old merry England? Several thousand member of the EDL marched in London to protest against the murder of an English soldier by Muslim militants, Michael Adebolap and Michael Adebowale who hacked 25 year  old Lee Rigby because he was a member of the armed forces. As they marched many shouted:”Muslim killers off our Streets.” As one protester, Ben Gates noted: “Islamic extremism is probably the number one threat to Britain”

Prime Minister David Cameron is on holiday as his nation is wracked with anger and fury. The economy is a disaster due to his inadequate leadership and people somehow believe that Muslims are the threat. It’s the economy, stupid, not a few nut cases that pose a threat to the United Kingdom!