Racism-Sexism At South African Universities

It is now almost two decades since the white apartheid regime was forced to agree to end the hated system of life and engage on an equal basis with black inhabitants of the nation. However, in 2009, a report examining higher education institutions discovered wide spread racism and sexism at universities in South Africa. The report noted that policies had been changed but when it came to implementation of those new regulations there was a significant lack of progress. There was also concern as to whether higher education curriculum had been changed in order to prepare students for a society whose values had changed as South Africans moved towards creation of a multi-racial ethnic society.

Higher education institutions have scant difficulty changing policies to reflect a desire for a more diverse student body. But, universities are still controlled by faculty bodies which have vested interests in protecting their values, their friendships, and their interpretation as to what constitutes academic rigor. There is need for higher education to rethink what is being taught in light of the diversity of South Africa.