Racist Israel Rabbis Preach Hate

A group of 50 prominent Israel Rabbis published a letter which urged Israelis not to sell or lease property to Arabs, naturally, they argued this belief is in the Torah. Being readers of the Torah they were able to find a citation in the Torah about not selling land in the Holy Land to non-believers. A so-called, “moderate Rabbi” believes they went too far and offered a compromise. He suggested that Jews should distinguish between “loyal Arabs” and “Israel hating Arabs.” For some reason he did not explain who would decide what is a “loyal Arab” and what constitutes being an “Israel hating Arab.” I have a hunch there are thousands of Jews in the world like myself would fit his classification of being an ‘Israel hater.” I was raised as an Orthodox East European Socialist Jew, which no doubt automatically places me among the “Israel haters.”

The sad aspect of this letter is its failure to grasp that for centuries Christians have passed laws and regulations which prevented jews from living in certain parts of a city. I was the second Jew to legally be able to purchase a house in Webster Groves, Missouri and I only could because the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional restrictive covenants which compelled house buyers to sign a statement indicating they would never sell the house to a Jew. Who are these “Rabbis?” They certainly are not part of the Jewish struggle to end restrictions against people being able to live where they desire.