Racists Pose As Haiti Relief Group!

A secret racist group posed on Facebook as interested in raising funds in order to help the stricken people of Haiti. Within a few days they had over 130,000 people register to have their money used for relief purposes. Adele Subotkova, suddenly emerged as the source of the site and within a few hours revealed her true feelings. “Blacks are not an endangered but rather an overpopulated species.” She went on to describe spending several years in Paris where she witnessed the true face of those with darker skins. In Paris, she saw “how terrible it is for white to live in quarters inhabited by Blacks, Arabs or Pakis.”

Ironically, in the United States, we have Rush Limbaugh who also argued against relief support for Haiti. His rationale was somewhat different. According to Rush, sending money to help Haitians is really a Barack Obama ploy to obtain