“Radical”Obama Seeks Re-Election

Once again David Brooks made note in his New York Times column of the “radical ideas”of one, Barack Obama. According to Brooks and fellow Republicans, the man from Africa is simply not a true American because he has “radical”ideas. I have heard this statement throughout the past year as Republicans attempt to prove that Barack Obama is not “like we Americans.” Let us examine the record:

1. Obama supported a health care plan that originally was devised by Republicans. Richard Nixon supported a much more “radical plan” which would have placed health care under the federal government.

2. Obama supports Food Stamps, student loans, aid to dependent children–all ideas supported by past Republican presidents.

3. Obama continued Bush policy in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

4. The top tax rate under Republican presidents Nixon, Eisenhower, Ford, and Reagan was HIGHER than the one proposed by Barack Obama!

5. All prior Republican presidents supported unemployment insurance and some government regulation of business.

6. Integration was initially carried out by a Republican President Eisenhower and Richard Nixon enforced a strong Affirmative Action program.

7. George Bush II introduced drug payments for the elderly.

Please Mr. Brooks inform us about the “radical”ideas of Barack Obama.

Oh,I forgot, Obama wants to introduce “redistribution of wealth.” The top 1% of wealthy Americans control 22% of the wealth and the top 5% of Americans control about 40% of the wealth. I think there already IS redistribution of wealth and it did not come from Barack Obama.