Radio Darfur – A Beacon Of Hope For Freedom

Radio Dabanga or as it is more commonly known, Radio Darfur is produced by six Darfuri journalists who are attempting to make know the real situation in their nation and in Sudan. Gaafar Monro was a human rights activist who served in the Sudan parliament, but after he began to speak the truth about horrors in Darfur, Monro was forced to flee the country. As he describes the radio station: “I enable people to express their views, freely and frankly. And because Radio Darfur is in a free situation, we even received call from people who are pro-Bashir and we reflected their views.” His audience also serves as journalists by calling in stories concerning what is happening in Darfur and the Sudan.

Monro recently received a call from Nyala in South Darfur which said: “Hello, we are a group of around 15 students of Nyala Secondary school and we are going to form a listening club that’s called Radio Darfur Friends.” Radio Darfur is able to spark such desires to live in a free country and end the dictatorship which currently leads attacks on innocent people and the rape of the country and its women.