Raise Taxes On Middle Class To Protect The Wealthy

Ah, the president will shortly receive a report from a “bipartisan committee” which will recommend cuts in government services, higher taxes for the middle class and poor people, more tax breaks for business and don’t go near doing anything go anger the wealthy of this nation. The report will most probably urged making people work longer to receive social security and cutting back on all the money being spent to help elderly people with their drug costs. I am a college professor, and I do not engage in hard physical labor, but there are millions of people who are physically exhausted due to strenuous physical demands of work. Statistically, those who physically work harder, have shorter lives, and receive smaller Social Security payments. For those like me who waited until age 70 to retire our payment is about $2200 a month. Naturally, with this high salary I can live a life of luxury. Of course, after paying for Medicare, I have to pay for a supplement program and then deal with drug costs which rise as one grows older. You can readily see why I spend my time traveling around the world, going to expensive restaurants like McDonald’s and having one heck of a swell time.

Enough with the assault on the lower and middle class. How about raising the tax rate for those earning a million a year to 70% as we did during World War II. Believe it or not, we won World War II despite high taxes on the wealthy.