Raising Literacy-Compuslory Education For Politcians?

Global Campaign for Education in a press release hailing the occasion of the 2008 Global Week of Action, calls for a program which would provide education for those holding poltical leadership positions in society. The campaign urges politicians to return to school in order to make themselves familiar with the importance of education, and, in the process, learn something about issues for which they pass legislation. The need for such education was dramatically illustrated a few weeks ago when Senator John McCain, despite sitting on important US Senate committees dealing with foreign affairs, did not know the difference between Shiites and Sunnis and thought Shiite Iran was helping the Sunni al-Qaeda.

As someone who has spent 51 years in education, it is apparent neither liberal nor conservative political leaders in America have a clue about what actually transpires in schools and how learning occurs. They actually believe learning can be ascertained by a test score! Perhaps, prior to running for public office an individual might be compelled to take a test on American history. That requirement would probably result in the halls of Congress becoming empty.

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