Ramblings Of Benjamin Netanyahu

It frequently becomes difficult to grasp the mental voyages of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A recent speech in Iran by Ayatollah al-Khamenei in which he spoke out for Palestinian rights led Bibi to conclude that since a religious leader in Iran wants the end of Israel the only solution is to have the world recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.” Of course, there is a  minor problem since 20% of the people in Israel are NOT Jewish. But, what the heck, since Khamenei is against Israel then the only possible  way to confront his hatred is to have Israel proclaimed as a “Jewish state.”

There is not a shred of evidence that Palestinian leaders pay any attention to what is said or not said by Iranian leaders. There is not the slightest evidence of any ties between Iran and the Palestinian Authority. Bibi sees the world from a different lens– one used by fanatic Jewish religious extremists. Actually, Bibi should urge religious nuts on the West Bank to migrate to Iran and form an alliance with nut cases from Iran.