Rambo Stallone Takes On Burma Junta

Burmese officials are not only concerned about human rights activists and monks marching through the streets of major cities, but they are now ready to confront the greatest challenge to their power–Sylvester Stallone and his rendition of Rambo! They have banned all copies of his latest Rambo film, even the pirated ones, in an effort to avoid regime change. Stallone has told the media he is ready and willing to go to Rangoon and personally confront those in charge of the military junta run nation. Thanks to him, “these incredibly brave people have found a kind of a voice, in a very odd way, in American cinema… They’ve actually used some of the film’s quotes as rallying points,” he notes.

Burmese people are secretly obtaining copies of the film and many are now quoting some of its lines such as:
When you’re pushed, kiling’s as easy as breathing.
Burma’s a warzone.

Rambo: Are you bringing in any weapons?
Aid Worker: Of course not.
Rambo: You’re not changin anything.

Stallone challenges the Burmese military to invite him to their nation. “Let me take a tour of your country without someone pointing a gun at my head and we’ll show you where all the bodies are buried…Or let’s debate in Washington in front of a congressional hearing.”

Somehow, we believe the Burma military junta sleeps peacefully tonight knowing Rambo is in Hollywood and they are in Rangoon.