Rampant Running Hypocrisy

Listen to a member of the Tea Party or the Republican Party declaim and declare the United States has the “best health care system” in the world and one is being subjected to the Academy Award in hypocrisy. I would assume the ultimate goal of health care is to ensure people live longer lives, but then again, I am not a Republican in spirit or form. Americans are NOT number one in life expectancy, that health performance goes to a dozen nations whose citizens surpass ours in living longer lives. America is NOT number one in life for newborns, heck, we are not even in the top twenty in this category. How about obesity? About 30% of Americans are obese unlike those SOCIALIST nations which have government run health care systems. The rate in France is about 7%. Select a category and we don’t finish among the top ten in it. Throughout the history of this nation we had the highest life expectancy, the tallest people, but today we continue dropping in health care.

Senator Mitch McConnell, the arch enemy of SOCIALIZED MEDICINE had bypass surgery at Bethesda Naval Hospital- A GOVERNMENT RUN ESTABLISHMENT! He recovered due to work by SOCIALIZED DOCTORS. When it comes to their own health, Republicans run to the nearest GOVERNMENT RUN FACILITY. Even Sarah Palin once confessed that during her childhood mom would take her across the border to Canada to enjoy its SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE SYSTEM!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Academy Award for Hypocrisy is won this year by the entire Republican Party.