Rand Paul No St. Paul

Sernator Rand Paul has cast himself in the role of defending
America against attacks by those seeking to destroy our freedoms.In particular, he opposes government actions to intrude on the privacy of citizens. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who seeks to cast himself in the role of a mature national leader blasted his fellow Republican’s antics “are making big headlines”but are bad for the party. Chris made clear that he “does not stand with Rand.” Of course,  I doubt if Rand wants the large image of Chris intruding on his personhood.

Rand blasted his possible rival for the Republican nomination for president in 2016 because while he worries about the dangers of freedom, I worry about the danger of losing freedom.”

It is fascinating how these men only worry about freedoms that protect those in power. Rand has never expressed a single comment about the loss of freedom to work or to receive decent medical care. Those are freedoms he reserves for the wealthy of our nation. In Rand’s view, an employer has the freedom to underpay workers and  ignore their right to a safe work environment.