Following are rants that have filled the air that I am tired of hearing and hope never to hear them again.

A government run health system is Socialism!

Let’s return this country to the good old days when white men ran the nation.

If wealthy people are taxed, it means the rest of us will become poorer.

Israel is the most horrible nation in the world.

Under Bush, the country was run by fiscal conservatives, not like today when liberals are ruining the economy.

Obama was born in a gorilla camp in Kenya, that’s why he doesn’t have a birth certificate.

We have to raise standards by making kids memorize stuff in order to get higher test scores.

I have health insurance so why don’t those who lack it, get it?

When will the government tell us about the aliens in Rosewell?

Whatever happened to honesty in government like we used to have with Ronald Reagan?

Jimmy Rollins: We Phils are a better team than the Yankees. They just played better in the world series.