Following are rants that have grown tiresome and I wish never again to hear them uttered by a human.

Obama is a Nazi who wants to bring National Socialism to America.

Israel is the most blatant violator of human rights! (I assume that Israel is much worse than Sudan in Darfur, the killings in the Congo, China, Russia, etc..)

Under Bush the government was run by real conservatives and now “those people” have taken over and taken away OUR America!

We have to raise educational standards by making children pass tests.

Obama was born in Kenya in a gorilla camp and that’s why he has no birth certificate.

We CAN win the war in Afghanistan.

If the wealthy don’t have lots of money the rest of us will become poor.

Back in the old days…..

A public option is the first step on the road to SOCIALISM (like the Post Office, I assume)

The Surge IS working.

Torture is only torture if done by non-Americans