Rape Again In India

I was raised to believe the people of India, who were Hindu or Bhuddist were not like savage Christian Europeans who engaged in one war after another and seized one colony after another. I had this image of people in India who cherished human life. On Monday, another suspect in the rape of a five year old Indian girl was arrested. This rape comes after repeated rapes of women who were walking in the street or using a public bus. The five year old was kidnapped and repeatedly raped over the course of two days and then left for dead. Neighbors heard her crying. A  crowd is furious because early reports were that the family reported her as missing and the police, as usual, did nothing.

There is something rotten in the state of India when women are constantly subject to brutal treatment including rape on public streets and nothing is done by the police unless the entire world expresses concern. One can pass a law in India about women rights, but unless police back the law, women will be  raped.