Rape By Deception Entails Deception

According to Saber Kushour he was wandering the streets of Tel Aviv when he met a nice attractive woman. One thing led to another and according to her account after a few minutes of idle talk he invited her into a nearby building and then proceeded to rape her. When asked by authorities why she went into a building with a man she hardly knew, the woman responded: “I looked for someone to put my trust in.” Upon discovering the man was not Jewish she went to authorities and claimed the Arab had deceived her and she would only have had sex with a Jewish strange man, not a Muslim man. An Israel newspaper reports the woman had previously filed 14 complaints, mostly for alleged sexual offenses and most of which did not result in anyone being convicted of anything. The prosecution claimed Kushour deceived an innocent Jewish woman by posing as a Jew and thus he was guilty of rape and was sentenced to 18 months in jail.

This is an interesting case. I suspect if every man was sentenced to jail for telling lies to a woman in order to get her into a bed, there would soon be needed for massive expansion of our prisons. This is a woman who apparently is lonely and seeking love in all the wrong places.