Rape In India-Again!!

India is the world’s largest democracies and it has witnessed during the past several decades a phenomenal growth in its economy. In many respects the nation now possesses a first class society in which a percent  of its population has access to modern ways of life. At the same time, along with these signs of economic and social development,  Indian society remains tied to a past in which males can brutalize females without worrying about punishment. Several days ago, once again, an Indian female was attacked by men who thought nothing wrong with assaulting a woman in broad daylight, raping her, and then throwing her body off a bus.

The 21 year old female was a college student who boarded what she thought was a public bus only to be met by six young thugs who performed the rape and sent her flying off the bus. This incident sparked an enormous protest by men and women who are tired of a society in which males are allowed to act in this manner and rarely are arrested. Finally, these men are going to be tried for murder since the young woman died. This must be the beginning of tough sentences and even death for any man who assaults a woman in India!