Rape Is A Slow Train In India

Rape has become an important issue not merely to the women of India, but to prospective tourists who do not partcularly feel comfortable on the streets of this country since men apparently have the right to touch and feel and do other things if they so desire. Afer the gant rape of a young university student, the Indian government promised fast and effective action against the rapists.Several months later, the “fast track” court has yet to move from the station. This is the procedure followed by a “fast track” court:

1. The court meets for two hours.

2. The judge translates tesxtimony sentence by sentence from Hindi into English.

3. Errors by the court stenographer are discussed.

4. Lawyers argue as to who is colluding with police.

The woman is dead. We expect this case will probably conclude about the time the defendants are ready to depart from this planet.