Rape Is Our Neighbor

Itis always fascianting to discver that in nations which boast of being “religious” the incidence of rape and brutalization of women is the highest. International researchers have found that about one in ten men in certain parts of Asia admit they have raped a woman who was not married to them, and did not understand why anyone would be upset. Rachel Jewkes of the South Africa Medical Research Council notes “It’s clear violence agaisnt wiomen is far more widespread in the general population than we thought.” Discussions with men in several Asian nations such as Bangladesh or China or Indonesia reveals they do not regard focing a woman to have sex with them as an example of “rape,” but as their right to have sex with her.

Nearly 605 fo these men excused the rape on ground they were “bored” and simply wanted a good time.Some expressed the concept of “sexual entitlement.” Perhaps, it is time to empower women with the right of “sexual entitlement” and permit them to cut it off if not satisfied.