Rape Is Right Say Youth

There is a subculture in just about every society on this planet which is composed of young men. They congregate on corners, they engage in contests as to who is more or less macho and they regard themselves as possessing the right to assault young girls. Paris contains dozens of high rise buildings in which immigrants and poor native  born French people seek to attain a decent standards of living, but  usually find themselves on the bottom of society. Poverty invariably produces violence, and all too often that violence is directed toward females.

Nina and Stephanie -not real names– described their lives growing up in rundown estates where boys constantly raped them from the age of  11. At points nearly twenty boys gathered for the rape session and thought it was fun. Today, in court they claim sex was consensual. Yes, an eleven year old girl wanted sex! Yes, an eleven year old girl wanted to be assaulted by a bunch of filth! Send them to jail. Let them get raped in prison if they think it is nothing.