Rape Of India Continues

India is the world’s largest democracies and is also among the world’s largest scene of rape against women. Just about every day X number of women in India are raped while thousands are assaulted, groped and verbally tormented without any consequence to those who conduct these actions. Two weeks ago five men assaulted, beat and raped a young woman and she wound up dead. No passerby made ANY attempt to halt these actions and the men laughed and enjoy the process of killing a  fellow human. The case has finally aroused the anger of people in this nation and thousands are demanding death for the violent five.

These murderers finally have grasped the good old days of raping without punishment just might be over. Two are ready to turn state’s evidence and help the government convict their friends of murder. There is evidence many  lawyers want no part of this case, they finally have understood the people of India want action and death to those who assault women!