Rape Of Zimbabwe Women Goes Unpunished

The International Criminal Court is being asked to take action to support those seeking justice for rape victims who were assaulted during a campaign initiated by President Robert Mugabe in 2008 against supporters of his opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai. The ICC is asked to place on trial not only President Mugabe by member of his Zanu-PF youth militia who raped hundreds of women in order to punish those who refused to vote for Mugabe. It is shocking when women are raped, but it is more shocking when groups like the African Union or the Southern African Development Community allow Robert Mugabe to brutalize fellow Africans. If a white skinned leader behaved as does Mugabe, the entire continent of Africa would be up in arms, but when black skinned brutes rape and kill fellow black skinned humans, the silence of African leaders is deafening.

It is time for the ICC to indict Mugabe just as it is time for African leaders to stand up for fellow Africans, regardless of their skin color.