Rape Rampant In India

It is common in western societies for learned men to describe the peaceful and reflective religious practices of India as an example in which there is a sense of peace and harmony within the country. Esmerelda Jelbart Wallbridge, went to India and spent months working and listening to stories by the women of that  society which describe brutality and violence on a scale unknown in most societies of the world. Last week a 23 year old woman boarded a bus in the heart of Delhi and was subsequently beaten, raped by six men and thrown off a moving vehicle. During the past several days the anger of women has resulted in massive demonstrations of anger against a government that preaches love and respect, but is only concerned about males with money.

Ms. Wallbridge reflecting on her encounters with women notes: “While in Delhi I started hearing obscenities and less comments on a daily basis.” She was warn by women to avoid crowds and stay away from any group of males. She was told by women “who have been raped at various places of the day or night.” The so-called “traditional values” are simply used to cover up brutality toward women.

The facts are clear. Of 256,321 cases of violence in India, 228,650 were against women. Perhaps the men of India might copy male attitudes toward women that are present in most western societies.