Rape Roars Right Across India

India is among the most important success stories of the 21st century. It has created a viable middle class even while most Indians live in poverty and ignorance. The average male in India believes he has the right to abuse women even if it means beating, raping or even killing them. The recent episode in which five young men tricked a couple into entering their “bus” only to assault and kill the young women has shocked many, but not all people in India. The young men continue to boast of their rich to rape and charge the woman was the aggressor because she enticed them and forced them to rape her.

A crazy story, but one believed by millions of men in India. At this point the government finally got around to placing the men on trial, and, most probably, they will wind up with some punishment. The real question is: a one shot decision due to publicity or a significant change in policy toward rape of women??