Rape Victims–Change Your Dress!

Orhan Ceker, is a professor of theology at Selcuk University in Turkey, and he has some excellent advice to any woman who wants to avoid being raped– dress differently! He did arouse some interest from the Higher Education Board of his nation who while, not completely in agreement with his views, did agree academic freedom did allow his words to be spoken. Ceker was simply trying to prevent Muslim women from being raped and for some reason, this created anger. As he pointed out to them: ‘Once you seduce(someone) you have no right to complain. Let it be understood that I am not advocating those who commit the (rape). Of course the crime is quite disgusting. However, during the committal of the crime, the influence of a woman wearing low-cut and seductive dress is just as big, and it cannot be disregarded.” He advocates both the rapist and the person who is raped be convicted of the crime.

There is some sense in this man’s comment. I go out to work, get on a subway that I know has criminals on it, and get robbed. How can I blame the robber if I was the one who had money in his possession and went on a subway on which the robber happened to be a passenger? What about stupid people who get on a plane knowing full well there are terrorists who want to blow up planes? Aren’t they just as guilty as the terrorist who blew up the plane?

Oh, Ceker is a professor of theology so he knows what God thinks.