Rapists Assaulted By Victims!

India is a democratic nation, but when it comes to issues of rape and assault on women, a significant portion of society believes men have the right to enjoy sexuality and any woman who resists their charms should be beaten or even killed. Six young men are on trial for beating, raping and killing a 23 year old woman. In the view of their lawyer, Manohar Lal Sharma, the dead woman should be on trial for enticing these defenseless young men and causing them pain and humiliation for simply following through on their rightful right to rape women. Mr. Sharma now claims his clients were beaten and tortured by policy including having sticks shoved up their rear end. How dare the police do to these innocent men what they did to a woman?

Most probably, being police in India, any one arrested faced rather brutal conditions. At least two men want to be state witnesses but the police refused their request. Sharma seeks to transform the trial about a rape and murder of  a woman into a trial against the police. I have a hunch that millions of men in India are on his side.