Rapper Fights For His Rap Rights In Army

It is simply amazing how few members of the US military have exploded in anger against being compelled to serve in Iraq beyond there promised tour of duty. Marc A. Hall is fighting against having his court martial placed in Kuwait instead of the United States. He is charged with making threats about killing officers and writing a rap song that depicted his feelings. Hall wrote and recorded “Stop Loss” which is a response to being kept in Iraq past his due date to leave the military. His commanders deemed the lyrics to constitute a threat to other members of the military. Charges also include statements he made to fellow soldiers about going on a rampage.

His lawyer argues that while many rap songs contain threats of violence it is rare for anyone singing such a song to actually commit a violent action as depicted in the song. During World War II, General Eisenhower made clear to generals they were to allow the Stars & Stripes to attack and make fun of officers. It was a good way for soldiers to blow off steam.