Rashard Mendenhall Tweets

Black football runners in the NFL are hit by white linemen.

If you substituted a “b” for an “s” his name is Obama bin Laden.

I am against all forms of terrorist deaths, that’s why I write about the death of Osama.

God hates Death, that’s why we humans die.

The Pittsburgh football team rejoices in beating to death men on other teams. Allah wants that.

On 9/11 many black and Muslim people died. We celebrate their deaths.

I only condemn the deaths of those who are innocent.

Osama bin Laden never tried to kill me, so why should I be angry at this man?

I will not run away from expressing my views, at least not until it costs me money.

No one produced evidence that a World Trade Center existed. Show me the evidence.

I will believe Osama bin Laden lives until I am shown his birth certificate.

I have no idea why people are upset about my tweets, is it because I am black skinned?