Ratko Mladic, Misunderstood Man

Former Serbian army chief, Ratko Mladic, the hero of too many of his countrymen, denounced charges against him os “obnoxious” because charges of killing innocent people simply are beyond the pale of decency for one who loves humanity. “I need more than a month for these monstrous charges that I never heard of. I would like to read and receive these obnoxious charges against me.” He was charged with crimes against humanity. Apparently, this innocent man somehow is being confused with the Serbian army general who ordered the rape of thousands of Muslim women, the starvation of thousands and murder of thousands of people whose only crime was to be of the Muslim faith. Once upon a time, Ratko wandered around with a gun, a smile on his face, and the look of a guy who enjoyed being powerful and possessing the power of life and death. Alas, this is not the man now on trial before the International Criminal Tribunal.

How could there possibly be a fair trial if they have the wrong man? Perhaps, there are two Ratko Mladics. There is this sweet innocent Ratko Mladic and there is the nasty Ratko. I am certain the nasty Ratko would defend himself on grounds when he ordered soldiers to rape Muslim women he simply wanted to infuse them with good healthy Christian sperm. I am certain the nasty Ratko would argue by murdering Muslim males he simply wanted to help them get to heaven and enjoy the benefits that awaited them.

Ratko Mladic, where are you now that Ratko Mladic now needs you?