Rats Fleeing Ship

It was simply a matter of time before those in charge of the murderous Syrian armed forces decided that prudence rather than weapons of war was the right course of action. Major General al-Shallal, who has been working on the task of preventing defectors from departing the Syrian armed forces has decided to defect. He hopped on a motorcycle and made a mad dash for the border and got into Turkey, not a minute too soon. His rationale was that his government had become a “gang for killing and destruction. The regime has lost control over most of the country.”

What now? The best course of action is for the UN to obtain the names of nations which would offer asylum to any defector from the Syrian armed forces. Russia and China  might be among those willing to accept former bloody murderers in their nation. Give them asylum -together with their families– and allow rats to free unharmed. It would end the conflict and save lives of thousands. How about: A Rat In Exchange For Peace program?