Rats Leaving Syrian Ship Of State

The resignation of hundreds of members of the Syrian Baath party might indicate some people have figured out belonging to this club might not be the wises thing to do in a nation that is ready to explode. Current estimates suggest that at least 500 civilians have been murdered by members of the Syrian security forces who are firing at crowds and pushing in doors in efforts to find those who are demonstrating against the beloved leader of the nation–Bashar al-Assad. There are also reports of thousands who have been arrested and numerous of them subjected to torture. In response to complaints from outside sources, the government can only insist that security forces are dealing with “extremist groups.” Most probably, that is true, there are extremist groups anxious for a democratic government to run the show.

Poor Prince Wiliam and Kate will now have to go through their wedding without the presence of Syria’s ambassador to England. Of course, in the UN Security Council Russia is standing tall for supporting any and all petty dictators. Prime Minister Putin never met a tyrant with whom he could not connect.