Real Life Rambo Blasts Away

Once again the anti-Constitutional Obama administration is attempting to raise questions concerning the right of Americans to blast away according to their 2nd Amendment rights. OK, so a guy walking through the FedEx package-sorting installation outside of Atlanta was shooting off a few rounds from his shotgun, OK, so a few people sort of got in his way and decided to allow his bullets to enter their bodies, OK, so some folks got wounded. Big deal. The real tragedy is that the shooter decided to kill himself. Just another fatality in the Obama war against my right to shoot whoever I desire, whenever I desire. Just read the freaking 2nd Amendment, I got RIGHTS TO SHOOT.

I assume there will be another hysterical outcry from the Liberal media because some guy went through the FedEx plant with bullets draped around his shoulder and shooting anyone he encountered. David Titus who just showed up for his truck job commented: “it was chaos,everyone was ducking, and hiding and getting out of there.” If everyone had their gun at that moment, there would have been a big shootout and maybe a few people got killed. But, they would die knowing their 2nd Amendment rights had been protected!!