Realities Of War In Afghanistan

Directors of Hollywood action films would not last long if asked to develop military strategies for fighting the war in Afghanistan. Unlike in Hollywood, weapons require ammunition and there is ongoing need for doctors and food and drink. An American military unit received word of a Taliban suicide bomber, alert was sounded, and after several hours it became clear that this was another false report. US, British and Afghan troops must proceed with caution through every inch of every building and there is no quick fix when lives are at stake. The Taliban might leave lines that go no place simply to annoy and frighten soldiers. Or, the line could result in a deadly explosion. As one soldier noted, “there’s not a job in the world that is so exciting one moment, so boring the next.”

This is reality for those fighting in Afghanistan although to some Republican congressmen, the soldiers are having a wonderful time and wouldn’t mind spending another few years of their lives in that far off land.