Reality Dawns In Israel

Perhaps, just perhaps, after years of defiance against all those who urged the Israel government to adopt a more realistic approach to West Bank settlements, a small light is breaking through the blinders of refusal to see what the world sees. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu authorized demolition of illegal settlements that were built on the West Bank in order to demonstrate his government is ready to make changes. West Bank settlers were furious when Israel troops demolished their illegal buildings and even used force to disperse the crowds. One shouted at police, “I’ve never seen police firing on innocent women and children” while another proclaimed police and troop actions against Jewish settlers was “unprecedented and disproportionate” to the situation.

Of course, these comments would never be made about Israel police dispersing Palestinians who were protesting against seizure of their land. Of course, killing innocent Palestinian women and children is of no concern to these Jewish settlers. They believe God gave them permission to go wherever they desire in Palestine. Prime Minister Netanyahu finally got the message. He informed the nation that the entire world opposes future Jewish construction on the West Bank. “We must understand we are faced with a very difficult international reality.”

Oh, the good news for West Bank settlers– Micronesia has come out in support of your actions. With Micronesia on your side who cares what the rest of the world thinks??