Reality Follows Fiction

I was raised with James Bond films in which our suave hero has a gun in one hand and his arm around a gorgeous woman with the other and uses his feet to fire a gun hidden in his underwear. A few months ago, the infamous and notorious gang of Russian spies in America who are responsible for their native country gaining possession of high secret recipes for apple pie were captured and returned home. Anna Chapman, the incredibly beautiful red haired spy is now featured in a men’s magazine sporting G-strings and wielding a revolver while she displays the body that allowed Russia to gain supremacy in apple pie production. The Russian magazine, Maxim shows pictures of her wearing elbow-length black gloves and skimpy red lingerie that makes men wish they had some secrets to bestow on this femme fatale. I assume when she received her medal from President Medvedev the attire was a bit more subdued, but, then again, one never knows when we are discussing Russian spies in America.

My fondest wish is to have been present when Anna and the gang of incompetents sat around with Prime Minister Putin, singing songs of bravery and daring. Ah, those were the days, when we had spies with giant breasts!