Reality Show That’s For Real Meaning

Confession! I have never watched a single Reality show that has appeared on TV because they come across as exercises in stupidity and encourage humans to make fools of themselves, but a new French Reality show finally has convinced me the activity could be beneficial to society. A French Reality show, “Les Accord de Marseille,” will be broadcast on France5 in September. The show brings together a dozen 18 year olds, six from israel and six from Palestinian territories, and has them live together as they hold negotiations aimed at establishing a peace deal. Show creators believe the most important aspect of the show is enabling a group of Israeli and Palestinian youth to engage in meaningful dialogue away from daily pressures to please the crowd that only desires to express anger and hate. French director Mohamed Ulad co-wrote the scenario with French-Israeli philosopher, Sophie Nordmann, and insists this will not become another example of trash TV. “We will try to take part in discussions between young people, Israelis and Palestinians who will be socializing for the first time.” The show will film over a three week period and the group will be in an isolated area away from

Who knows, perhaps in a climate of sanity, the idea of sanity might result in a sensible solution. Has anyone considered having Benjamin Netanyahu and President Abbas spend time on an island off the coast of France for three weeks?