Reality TV Captures Real Police Cover-Up!

Reality TV has enabled average Americans to become instant media heroes as their exploits receive national coverage. An A&E series, “The First 48″ has been covering Detroit homicide detectives in their work, including on the scene capture of real criminals. Unfortunately, for the police, the TV camera men captured police officers involved in a cover-up over the murder of an innocent child who was caught in cross fire. The video tape shows a police officer throwing a stun grenade into a first floor building and then, within seconds, firing into the room where the shot killed a child. The police version is somewhat different. They claim police entered the first floor and then became engaged with a struggle with a grandmother during which time an officer’s pistol accidentally went off killing the child.

Geoffrey Fieger, who represents the family whose daughter was killed, says bluntly the video presents a story that does not match the police version. “It’s not an accident. It’s not a mistake. There was no altercation.” The police fired from the porch, not inside the room. Period. Just watch the Reality show.

Question: Why was any gun drawn when confronting a grandmother?

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