Really Sing In China–Or Else!

During the recent Olympic Games the world smiled at Chinese antics when nine year-old Lin Mioke was praised for her singing performance but it later emerged she was merely miming to a recording made by Yang Pelyi, aged seven, who was yanked because officials believed she did not look attractive enough to be allowed to sing. It appears miming is very common in
China and it has reached the point where it is difficult to determine who actually is playing a musical instrument or singing. A new directive issued by the Chinese government bans miming at an actual performance in order to ensure those who paid an admission price get what they paid for.

Zheng Jun, a singer who is rather famous, told the Shanghai based newspaper, Noon News, that less than 20% of Chinese stars really sang at their own concerts. “I once met a well-known singer” he said,”who didn’t even recognize his song as it was playing because it had been so long since he’d truly performed it.”

Now, how about the Chinese government banning bloggers from having to tell what the government wants told and be allowed to tell what they want to say?

  • The Fitness Diva

    I thought that the incident at the Olympics was pretty shameful.
    I’m surprised, though, that the Chinese, who aim for excellence in every area would be exposed for this type of thing from their musicians and performers.

  • Fred Stopsky

    They seek perfection in all things.