Rebbe Claims Anti-Semitism

There are Jewish communities scattered throughout the world which insist the only way to behave like a Jew is to re-enact the fourth century B.C. A group of orthodox Jews who live in Quebec consider themselves to be a tight community of the righteous and the world around them to be the world of evil. Quebec authorities and officials have been attempting to investigate charges of child molestation and abuse along with underage enforced marriage and poor health in order to protect children forced to live in a cult of the righteous. Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans who leads the group charges that any investigation simply is a manifestation of the beginning of a “genocide.”

This type of “Jewish community” is simply like other such groups who gather together in order to create a world that never was in the name of creating a world that empowers a small group of men to dominate and, unfortunately to use their power, for sexual gains. Helbrans claims actions of Quebec authority simply is another example of “we were expelled from here like we were expelled from other lands.”

No one expelled this group, they expelled themselves years ago when they allowed the old men to control their minds.