Rebbe Go Home!

In an editorial, the Israel newspaper, Haaretz argued it was time for Israel to end the iron grip of power exerted by the Chief Rabbinate on all issues pertaining to the Jewish aspects of life in Israel. Many are furious that unless they marry in a religious ceremony, the Interior Department does not recognize the legality of their marriage. Many Israelis have to hop over to  Cyprus in order to escape the power of rabbis in dictating who or how they marry.

It is common among American Jews for one of the partners in marriage to be a non-Jew which means the Rabbinate does not consider children to be Jewish. Thousands of immigrants from Russia or Ethiopia are not recognized as being Jewish because the old men with beards regard their word as THE LAW OF GOD!

In a free society people can marry within a religious or secular manner. Israel will not be a free society until Rabbis stick to being Rabbis and cease being government officials.  Rebbe, go home!