Rebbe, Help Me, Please!

Few understand that a Rabbi spends his time searchin through the Torah in hope of uncovering a new understanding of human life. They want to find a gem of wisdom which can be revealed to those without knowledge of understanding of the wisdom of time. Rabbi Mendel Epstein and Rabbi Martin Wolmark were among ten people arrested because they had developed an interestng sideline to their work-torture husbands of wives who wanted a divorce in order to be persuaded to give such a divorce. If a Jewish woman was married to a schmuck, all she had to do was check with the rebbe, put up about $70,000 and the wise men of the Book would send some goons to their homes, apply some wisdom known as torture and get hubby to sign on the dotted line.

According to the rebbes all they were doing was kidnapping men for a few hours, have them read the Torah in company with a few blows to the body, and wisdom would then be in their minds to grant a Jewish divorce. This is all in the Torah, just ask the rebbe!

Oh, imagine if a Muslim imam did this!