Rebekah Of Murdoch Farms

Rupert Murdoch has his own Rebekah, and she is not of Sunnybrook Farms, His favorite protege, one,Rebekah Brooks help run his wonderful Neww of The World whose version of “news of the world” was simply a conglomeration of gossip, insults and favoring those who agree with the Murdoch view of the world. She is on trial for assisting in the hacking of phones in order to obtain information that could be used in her newspaper’s approach to journalism. New revelations indicate she concealed seven boxes of her notebooks, that for some reason, she does not wish to share with the world. Rebekah believes ordinary citizens MUST share their lives with her reporters, but when it comes to what she did, how she did it, and who helped her to do it, that is not pertinent to any court of the land.

By July, 2011, Rebekah knew that Scotland Yard wanted her files. The question remains: what was in those files, and the question remains: what happened to those files?