Rebekah Of Newsworld Farm

Rebekah Brooks was among the most powerful women in the western world when she ran the Rupert Murdoch News of the World and went about writing stories concerning the lives of people who did not get along with the Great Rupert. A couple of years ago, a young English girl, Milly Powler, went missing and Neville Thurlbeck, editor of the paper told a reporter, Glenn Mulcaire to tap into the girl’s cell phone. The News of the World hired him as their specialist in phone hacking. You know, there are sport writers and fashion writers on most newspapers, but in the Murdoch empire they have phone hacking writers who simply dip into your email account and listen and tape. The paper had a front page story about the girl and Ms.Brooks insists that she never saw the story since she waited until much later in the day to check what her newspaper was printing.

According to Ms. Brooks she has no knowledge of phone hacking, she has no knowledge of what her reporters did in order to get a story. She just ran the newspaper and, in that capacity she did not know what the heck was going on. Yes, her reporter quoted from the girl’s phone, but how was she to ask the question where he got this information? Is the British government now demanding that if you run a newspaper, then you are responsible for what is written in the newspaper?